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  1. You can check the new video here:
  2. Glad to see you :D! I would like to share some of my recent tests I've did concering vehicle's components manipulation which are very easy just need to understand some basic modelling stuffs. 1- As you can see below you can make the vehicle's dashboard active by simply rotating the needle of the speedometer or the fuel needle or the temperature too which are a custom vehicle components: 2- Mercedes-AMG One functional vents and spoiler : 3- Opening the sunroof of the car: 4- Hiding and showing the Rolls Royce's logo: Obviously not magic just some MTA sauce more infos: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Vehicle_component_manipulation Discord: UndRR#0321
  3. [SELL] Character customization V2 (3.5$) : https://payhip.com/b/c45Jf -LIMITED -65% for 48Hours, preparing for V3.
  4. I dont know much about hosts to be honest, some are just way too expensive
  5. Hello everyone, I'm UndRR I've been scripting for around 4-5 years and currently looking to work for a server or finish some ideas. contact me on discord: UndRR#0321 some of my work:
  6. Owlgaming v6.6.4.1 is public now you can use it: https://github.com/OwlGamingCommunity/MTA
  7. LIMITED OFFER: ( works for male and fem v1) -45% Coupon code: QCWBBRTNHK
  8. V2 price dropped to 11$, make sure the use the promocodes above for more reduction.
  9. you can buy the new version here: https://payhip.com/b/c45Jf
  10. - Reduced the price of the male skin to 9.0$. - The female one goes for 8.5$ now. Releasing the male skin V2 soon stay tuned.
  11. servers shutting down wasn't because of using a leaked gamemode or an open source, It just depends how you manage your server, and I can confirm that English Playerbase is dropped since like 2018-2019, so most of the owners couldn't keep up, but right now SARP is open since a long time and still hits some numbers.
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