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  1. You can learn by looking at the open source alternatives like this for instance.
  2. Like this: function sv(plr) -- Do something end addCommandHandler("sv", sv) You can of course name the function and the player variable to anything you want.
  3. What the box says your server use if kind of irrelevant assuming you're on a shared host, in that case the lag might be caused by someone else on the same box. Lag spikes are usually also caused by lack of CPU, is it a cheap host? if so then they probably oversell a lot.
  4. The scenes are a little bit slow but it's ok considering the music, I guess some more effort in the editing program wouldn't hurt. Otherwise it do reminds me of that scene from the movie "Duel" where the angry trucker tries to push Mann up on the train tracks, although he survive unlike this guy
  5. Well even if you did find a VPS with let's say 1GBit/s bandwidth (=20 seconds assuming they don't oversell which literally every host does more or less). Most of your clients won't have very fast connection. I mean common, even 100mbt/s is rare (200 seconds), nobody would wait that long. But alright, let's get back on topic, that's the best case scenario and I guess you know what you're doing so my recommendation would be digital ocean. They got 1GBit/s and I never suffered from overselling so I think that you'll actually get that speed after all. They got plans starting at $5/month and data centers allover America and Europe. Good luck.
  6. As long it's feature rich, you know many missions, perfect trailer synchronization (so you don't get hit by another player that doesn't even know he hit you). Bot's maybe to cause some traffic jams and make the job a little harder and wanted level for illegal missions or if you crash into another driver. So in short, yes I do like trucking but only under a lot of conditions.
  7. Why would anyone contact you after showing that horrible attitude? if you think people asking for screen shots and information are wasting your time then why do you even bother trying to sell your game mode in the first place? why don't you post the screen shots and as much information as possible here? then at least people wouldn't need to ask repeatedly.
  8. Or get the vehicle occupant(s) if there's a vehicle hitting the marker, there are many possibilities for all of us with some creativity skills, just wanted to point that out even it was already in the code
  9. Sounds funny. Couldn't view the video tho, but I guess it's still uploading or something. I'll check it out later, good luck.
  10. This is definitely one of the best open source RPG game modes I've ever seen, it has literally everything I'll expect to find in a proper RPG game mode and some other cool features as well. A big plus for the nice looking code and open source concept, I'm not an expert in Lua myself, but had no problem at all to quickly understand how everything works. The optimization is great, with minimal usage of system resources per player. The only disadvantage as I see it is the installation process which is kind of complex for newbies, especially as it has to be setup manually. hopefully that'll be fixed in future versions. The installation guide is easy to follow tho. Keep it up.
  11. Actually, the hitElement could be any element hitting the marker like a car, a tree or a lamppost flying into the marker, just make sure to use getElementType and check so that hitElement is a player element and nothing else.
  12. Well you could use the votemanager resource in the default resources pack and then write something that summarize the result and take action. I'm not and expert in that area but in theory it should work.
  13. Mr. RSG, you can report them instead of reply as it causes long threads of spam. And spam is not appreciated by the moderators here. Just a friendly advice, nobody really takes those new "one purpose" troll accounts seriously anyway
  14. The .luac extension means it's compiled, that's because the author doesn't want you to edit it. Also post the code you got so far using lua tags: [/code] [code=lua]-- Lua code here
  15. You'll have to make it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.
  16. Make sure you have regularly backup over USB or network, with just one 2.5" HDD (which most laptops has) he risk of a crash or a overheated system is huge, 2.5" drives aren't meant to be running 24/7. It might work a few months then you'll probably get disk errors and has to restart everything and hope everything isn't broken. An SSD drive could be a workaround on this issue but old laptops usually don't support them.
  17. Should be mentioned however if you use setElementModel, it's important to call it from the "onPlayerSpawn" event, I've seen to many people calling it in all kinds of ways, some of them before the player actually spawns which then resets the skin. Note that this topic is a double post original topic.
  18. Nope, nobody will do that for you, at least not for free. Learn how to make scripts or try your luck in the community: https://community.multitheftauto.com/.
  19. Check this tutorial, it covers most routers port forwarding functionality.
  20. Looks nice, but you should start to use tables instead of repeating very similar code.
  21. Have you tried this, you need to modify the GUI a bit to use built in functions tho.
  22. Try to search for it, and if it's not there you could add it
  23. If you can't even find a proper base code you might wanna give up, or you can follow AMARANT's advice and start learning yourself. There are many roleplay gamemodes out there as far as I know, but when it comes to RPG all I know is GTW-RPG. You can save years of work by using that but you still have to learn some basics if you wish to start a successful RPG server.
  24. Looks like a mix of outdated resources from other servers, but anyway, good luck.
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