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  1. We are still up running, feel free to join us at our: Discord: https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ IP: mtasa:// Forums: https://creativegamingrpg.com/index.php
  2. 14/05/2020 - Fuel system added: we tried to make this as realistic as possible. * Activated fuel system on housing. * Activated fuel on locked vehicles ( of clans/groups ). * Gas stations prices has a variety if it's in or close to the city the price is 6 - 7 per gallon. * Far distant counties gallon price can reach up to 10. * Added fuel stations all around SA. * Press Space bar to start refueling your vehicle. * Prices for boats fuel / vehicles fuel / planes are not equal. * Tesla model vehicle can't use casual fuel stations for its battery, so Tesla owners please wait we'll be adding tesla's chargers in different locations. * added /engine , /lights to toggle vehicle engine/lights. * Fuel system supports refilling stations and will have a job of its own very soon. - Please note the gallon price before you start refueling. - Sweeper spawn added to Los Santos Civilians * Sweeper's job is simple, you have to get in a sweeper (vehicle), reach the place that needs sweeping around Los Santos (marked by a blip), Hold L to clean it & get rewarded
  3. Sorry but I was kind of busy, so hadn't really the chance to update you. I wanted to say that the development didn't stop. We're also getting bigger day by day. 11/05/2020 Added first warehouse robbery for Clans, since gangs will be respawning using ammo from /clan so this is the first way to get your ammo from, beside the basic weapon shops robbing. * First door is like 2nd Casino Robbery door you've to shoot through with ANY weapon ( even miniguns work ). * Second door is a crack door. * Weapon Boxes are lock picking boxes ( new system, you just have to hold down L ). - Reset time :- 2 hours for the warehouse reset. - Clan Reset time:- 8 hours until the same clan can rob the same warehouse again, so one clan can't spam robbing the warehouse and actually provides a chance for other clans. - Fail time:- 30 minutes if you don't succeed in 30 minutes the mission just resets. - Lock Picking system:- Yes another similarity to Payday 2 the lock pick works by holding button "L" and you gotta wait for it to be unlocked, working very good , visuals to be updated on it. ----------------------------- This is the official discord server for the Creative Gaming community: https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ Creative Gaming IP: mtasa:// Creative Gaming Forum link:https://creativegamingrpg.com/index.php Creative Gaming GS Link : https://www.game-state.com/
  4. Creative Gaming's development head has decided to open the doors for new developers (scripters). We're looking forward to building a good scripting team. Our server is actually getting bigger day by day. Hence why we want ,as I've stated below, few developers. If you are interested make an account at our forums and apply. https://creativegamingrpg.com/showthread.php?tid=240 - everything is well-explained right here. Join our discord channel as well, https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ . Wish you all the best of luck.
  5. We have officially reached 40+ players. It's our best record as far! I'm going to share with you all some screenshots below. #Edit: 01/05/2020 -Heists Museum Heist, the museum can be found in Los Santos at Glen Park area (near that cyclying area at LS hospital) * The heist is pretty simple first door is a cracking door. * Second door is a DRILL door, experimenting the new Drill system you have to press "Space" to start drilling, the percentage you see is the driller heat percentage not the success so you gotta press space & release for it to cooldown a little bit, once you break the locks the door opens, and you get your hand on some artifacts > Delivery them back to the Bar located at Bone County. Here's an example of the Drill system > We've also got a new record. Today, we have officially reached 45 players. Some screenshots will be shared below. We're really looking forward to reaching the best record. Join us now! Creative Gaming IP: mtasa://
  6. 29/04/2020 - Sorry for being late. -Turfing system reworked : * We reworked the whole system of turfs & made a new one. * Added a few turfs for now just for the beta test of it, if the script is fine with no bugs we'll spam the whole map. * You can show turfs using /turf. - Mods * Changed crosshair to a custom one you can change the shape of it by pressing K and color by L. * Added weapon mods to Combat shotgun / M4 / Sniper / AK-47. -Bank Robbery: * Added cracking using numbers other than numpad. ------------------ Do not hesitate to join us >> Creative Gaming Forum link:https://creativegamingrpg.com/index.php Creative Gaming Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ Creative Gaming IP: mtasa://
  7. From now on everything implemented to the server will be shared here in this topic. We want to make sure that everyone checks how the server is improving day by day. One more thing to add, the development will never end as long as players keep suggesting and coming up with unique & creative ideas. 28/04/2020 - Scoreboard: * Changed few style details:- you can keep our old purple style or just press restore defaults to get the new style. * Added flags. - Animations: * Toggle animations window using F3. * Animations can be swiped using right & left mouse clicks to navigate between the Category animations very easily and in a very smooth way * Press W to stop animating. * You can animate while the panel is visible or not once you've toggled an animation on , Meaning that you can swipe animations with mouse when the panel isn't shown. * The system is kind new to all of you so please take a little time to adapt it before complaining. * To be done to animations "We'll make a Favorites category so you don't get lost among the animations. NB - We've added all mta/gta san andreas animations in total of +2000 animations which is a huge work , some animations may not be used by you but we've included all animations for all kinds of tastes and swiping using mouse will allow you to perform certain animations on a pattern simulating a movie move or a normal Ped movement, The system isn't in its final version and will be improved massively later on. - Turfs * You can toggle turfs using /war. * Official squads are able to secure gang riots allowing turfs to them making SA safe from gangs' activities. * Official Gangs are able to turf and spread chaos around turf zones. * More zones will be added. * Turf rules will be written and updated by the time on F1.
  8. Creative Gaming is a rebirth of an old project back in 2013 called SACG, it was launched on 31st of March 2020. From that time until now a lot of changes have occurred based upon the orders of the player base to create an immersive experience for visitors. By now, we've got an active staff team, that has an almost 24-hour coverage over the server, and willing to help anyone, a vigorous development team that is working daily on bettering the player's experience. Creative Gaming provides a sense of nostalgia for past RPG experiences mixed with moderation. We've implemented a system of Levels which controls spawns and purchases throughout the server. Below we'll state the activities available in the server and a description for each. We currently have 3 groups or factions. Civilians-Law Enforcement-Criminals. Civilians: This faction is the simplest, it doesn't require the interaction with other players much. It's good for making money and staying out of the action. -Pilot: You spawn in one of the 4 airports where you can deliver a cargo loaded on a shamal to one of the other 2 airports for good payment and some experience. -Iron miner: You spawn in LV Quarry placing bombs and mining for minerals which you can sell for a hefty price and some experience. -Taxi driver: You spawn in a parking lot where you can drive around players in your cab to their chosen destinations for a fare and some experience. -Limo driver: You drive around players in your limo to their chosen destinations for a fare and some experience. -Bus driver: You spawn in a parking lot where you can drive around players in your bus to their chosen destinations for a fare and some experience. -Mechanic: You spawn in one of the garages and wait for calls so you respond to them and repair vehicles. -Trucker: You spawn in a trucking station where you can drive your truck and start a delivery, there are illegal ones aswell. -Farmer: You can spawn as a farmer at Red County and start your job. You'll have to get in your tractor, press on N to plant seeds, then get out and use your combine harvester to finish your job. Law Enforcement: This faction is the rival of Criminals, it's nearly half of the player base. It has police departments in each of the cities and small towns to ensure peace and governance. The equipment is already provided by the government paid for by taxpayers. It has a couple of spawns controlled by the level of the player, the higher the spawn is leveled, the more equipment it has. NB - I'll be listing some police features below: Police Information: Command: /pc (while spawned as police). You can also toggle information just by aiming at a nearby player (must be close enough) it'll displays some information about him. Criminals: It's the rival of Law Enforcement, it has agents everywhere around of SA. They buy their own equipment. It has a couple of spawns such as: -Arms Dealers: They sell weapons to the rest of the server for a lesser price than the ammunitions. -Drug Dealers: They sell temporary drugs that unlock super-like powers that create an advantage against the cops. -Pilot Smugglers: They smuggle stolen goods on a plane all over SA for a good price. -Gun Smugglers: They smuggle arms on boats around SA for a price. -Activities for Cops-Criminals are shared and we'll state them below- [1] Casino Robbery: Located at starfish casino north of LV, criminals with the help of Cerberus attack the casino and plant a bomb on the door breaching the safe and stealing its money. Cops are notified at the entry of criminals into the casino. [2] ATM Robbery: ATMs are scattered all over the map and they're robbable by criminals, they can be cracked by numpad where a criminal enters numbers and it displays HIGHER or LOWER, until he hits the right number and gets paid. [3] Terrorist Attack: It occurs all over SA marked by a red house, it can be finished by either side. [4] Bank Robbery: It can be triggered by the Official gangs, criminals can partake in it, and cops are notified on the first door breach. [5] Jailbreak: It's triggered by criminals freeing their own when they get arrested, cops are notified on jail entry. Please find the attached link leading to my imgur page - there you will find images on how you may familiarize yourself with the exterior and interior for the JailBreak. You will find a description below each image to allow you to actually get an idea of what is being shown! There's also a video explaining it all > [6] Ammunition Robbery: Arms dealers have an ammunition balance that gets consumed by buyers, to supply it they rob ammunitions. Cops get notified on ammunition robbery. [7] Heists: The heists are missions given by NPCs for criminals, it's open for all criminals there's some small conditions however for each heist like needing certain amount of cops or criminals to start a heist: - First heist: Cooldown is 30 minutes on first one requirements are 3 cops, 3 criminals, You can meet with the NPC at the bar located in Bone county, if the mission line is red then it's on cooldown if green then available to be done/ Cops can prevent the raid by also standing on the markers. - Second heist: It's like a public bank robbery, but inside a casino not a bank interior. It gives criminals good cash. There are also 2 armies each supporting a faction, Joint Task Force supports Law Enforcement and Cerberus supports Criminals.Each army has an extensive arsenal of weaponry and vehicles. -Creative Gaming Housing- Creative Gaming also has a housing system that is divided into 2 branches: -Business: Property bought for a price which has an income for a percentage of the initial price. The business can be a hotel (with rented rooms), a food shop, an ammunition etc.. Here's a preview: -Houses: Property that offers spawning at it, having an interior, and sometimes a private garage! What are the Flats/Rooms? * Flats as you can see are other interiors for each building and specifically buildings depending on the size of the buildings in GTA SA itself you'll be getting amount of flats each flat can be bought from a housing agency member for a certain price and then can be rented for whatever price you specify so if you own a hotel with a good view and in a strategic place make sure your rooms are worth the spot. -Creative Gaming Spawn Menu- That's all! Please do not hesitate to share your suggestions with the community and development team, we are always looking for new ideas to make the server more enjoyable for our community. We are constantly developing the server and adding new features every week so you will always have things to do. We are really looking forward to delivering something unique and fresh. Join us now! This is the official discord server for the Creative Gaming community: https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ If you have encountered any Issues in-game then please head to the Help & Support section. Use the general section for chit chatting around with the fellow community members. Have fun and keep it neat. Creative Gaming IP: mtasa:// Creative Gaming Forum link:https://creativegamingrpg.com/index.php Creative Gaming GS Link : https://www.game-state.com/
  9. Application Format Name : Mitka Paunov Ingame name : Polat Age : 17 Country of birth : Macedonia. nationality : Macedonian. Nativelanguage : Macedonian. Other languages : English, Serbian, Russian. About yourself : Hello, my name is Mitka Paunov. I currently live in Macedonia, Stip. In the summer times I work as a graphic deisgner at my friend's studio. Well I started with photoshop 4 years ago and mapping 5 years agon Applying for : Mapper & Graphic Designer. What are your specialties : Loyalty, Dedecation, Creative and Patient. Media of your creations : I will update this later and add in my creations. Did you join our discord channel : Not yet. Do you have a mic : Yes I do own a mic. Servers played in the past containing the RPG gamemode : Well I have been playing MTA:SA for 7 years, I have played tons of servers such as : SAES:RPG, SARL:RPG, SARU:RPG, SACG:RPG, BUG:RPG, BOT:RPG, CIT, SAFG:RPG, Dynasty Network, SACG:RPG, SACG:RPG, LRPG etc.
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