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  1. A little update - fixed bug with naming for image functions - Added function to enable/disable shadow for CustomTableView (setShadowsEnabled/getShadowsEnabled). It can save for you 2 pixels - Added function to set static image dynamic change color from color scheme. Works same as this methods for CustomLabel (setSchematicalColor/isSchematicalColor)
  2. If you want, you can update wiki pages) Cuz I haven't time to do it
  3. It's not problem with this resource, I think. You can try to reinstall MTA, maybe it will work. And also, tell me, which steps do you do for installation.
  4. Some minor update: - Fixed bugs with dialog color shemes. - Fixed bugs with window maximal size (now it works). - Added test widget for resizing in examples. To improve resource CPU usage, I've just disabled both lua files in meta. In future I'll try to optimize win.lua.
  5. Oh. Looks just good But you have one big problem with colors and shadows. You haven't any shadow under combobox, and mixing red, blue, and some shades of gray doesn't looks very good You haven't any static pretty color scheme, but it also looks very good in concept as GUI-Elements
  6. Light style, but dark combobox list. What? Why?
  7. No problems with links. But problems only with CEGUI
  8. And how did you made a scroll pane? Did you test it? Or layers or objects - how does it works? I mean positions of object - front or back position of window. Window behind window, and etc?
  9. Update: Added Custom Text Boxes (CustomEdits analog, but with custom design) - It can be fully transparent, and can be putted on some your-own objects - Added functions to get caret selection parameters For current time its not merged in win.lua, cuz now testing for bugs. You also can send me bug reports. Note: This boxes will never get fonts for memo boxes, because coefficient of difference between two lines are different for all fonts. Screenshot: (notice that this style is not recommending to use in current windows system style, but it demonstrate how does them looks like) And, of course, this can be overload your CPU, because it's GUI In future, I hope, I'll port this system to DX, but for now I haven't any ideas how to make on them layering and hiding parts of images in some frames (for scroll panes, for example)
  10. Update: Fixed codestyle for widgets - Fixed codestyle of Custom Tooltips and Custom Loadings - Added font functions for Custom Tooltips - Removed some unnecessary lines for some optimization (but I think - nothing will happened with CPU usage :D)
  11. Your calculation method can't be used here, because it needs to update position every time - every frame will be exec function "guiSetPosition", and it will have more lags, because this fuction executes in onClientRender, and it haven't any optimizations.
  12. Are you sure, that your link isn't broken?
  13. I know about this troubles. One of the reasons is events, like OnClientRender and OnClientCursorMove. In this events there is too many calculations per frame - getting and setting gui positions. And I haven't any ideas how to fix this, cuz this events must be as main events of system, used to moving/resizing functions, widget animations and etc.
  14. Give me example, where (or on what widget) you moving mouse and CPU usage is overloads. Is it on all widgets? Cuz I have i5-7200U, and U series are for laptops, and I haven't loading more than 20% of this resource.
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