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  1. Isn't it just to make the chatbox a bit bigger and change the font to some other font?
  2. Cool. Hope u guys can resurrect roleplaying in MTA. RP in gta 5 is boring. Good luck boiz.
  3. Gotta give you credit for the look of the phone though, it's priceless =)))
  4. I connected to your Discord, only to see that you already changed the server name, not a very comforting thing to see that you have already changed name in such a long time. This is a very bad way to advertise your server. You state that a server should be started with own unique scripts, but then admit that you guys do not have the effort to do anything like that, and rather stick to other saturated scripts. (Whether you use vG or emerald or whatever you guys use, it does not matter, its saturated, buggy and boring). Please do not start a new server every week just because you want power and to be the boss of some RP. (No, you cannot defend this comment of mine, because you already have changed the name of the server in no time, you guys are in no way serious)
  5. Hamachi wot? Is that even a thing anymore?
  6. The server adverts should follow these rules and formatting. [Edited]
  7. i just gotta ask. whats up with calling everyone dear lol?
  8. Funny coming from a guy who had a server like what, last month and claimed it has been in development since 2008, when in reality it was only a plain owl rip off too. The hypocrisy is real =)
  9. I'm pretty sure I saw Velo Gaming back in 2013? Is this the same thing? Didn't it never release in 2013? Must be really great if you have worked on it that long. However I doubt it's the case.
  10. I will review my experience so far. I joined the Discord server, and I noticed that you in fact have gathered quite a few people there, so that's cool. But that's where it stops. In the public chat I saw a heated discussion about some faction stuff. Where I see an administrator taking it to attacks towards the members. Doing this in the public chat is extremely unprofessional and a really bad first impression. The script update part of the Discord shows nothing new or impressive. Like for example the "biggest feature" on there was that there will be a red text when someone dies? And this is called a system? What? I am absolutely not impressed by this server. It provides poor leadership and administration. Good luck, I do not think it will last very long if you keep it up this way.
  11. You cannot ask people to not come with negative feedback. If people cannot come with negative feedback, you can never improve and the people who are looking for a server cannot know which servers to stay away from or to join. That was very unprofessional behavior from an owner or administrator or whatever you are. So, that was the first impression I was given from you, the owner or administrator of Implicit Roleplay. Now let me tell you about my impression about Implicit. It seems like Implicit has had a lot of players at a point, due to the fact that I see it re-open under new ownership every week or so. Just because something works out once, doesn't mean it will work out again the next 20 times. Perhaps make something new. Also, you should not use a free website. It gives off a very unprofessional first impression. And last of all, your advert does not state any features or any information about what makes YOU unique. You do not show anything that makes you different from all the other roleplay servers, so why should people pick YOU over the other servers? There you go. My opinion. Might be seen negatively, but it is my neutral opinion about your server advertisement.
  12. The website looks quite decent. The forums do not match the website though, which I think it should. And I also think you should not use a free domain name. Does not look very professional. But however, you having worked on this since 2008 is a lie. All I could see was a mash-up of OWL and MTARP scripts. In 9 years, you would've made something more unique than that. Don't lie to potential new players, be open and transparent about everything or else you will never have any loyal players.
  13. Jockeyzz

    @ccw HELP ME

    yeah mustafa is a little skid who tries to rat people. i received a link from him too. quite :~ty attempt to try to make me download it though. i also would like to add that i have an hour voice recording of a call with mustafa. its pretty funny he makes a fool of himself. A++++ content.
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