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  1. Join our forum at https://forum.redcountyrp.net/ also join our teamspeak IP:

  2. Dear @Da Nang I'm very sorry that this happened. You might sent me your discord so i can talk with you.
  3. ServerIP: Our Discord: https://discord.gg/aR4kGxY OUR FORUM: https://forum.redcountyrp.net/ TEAMSPEAK: Sky Roleplay is made to create the ultimate roleplay experience. Sky Roleplay is a medium/heavy roleplay server, based in Red County. Sky Roleplay has many custom interiors, unique mappings, many unique scripts and last but not least, realistical roleplay experience. Features: Vehicle Sounds Mappings Interiors ETC.. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We Also have host alot of different events for the players with rewards and try to spice up the player experience. Screenshots from the server: DMV: FD: Hospital: The Montgomery Park: The Town Hall:
  4. We now have a community partnership with SAAW gaming and their || World War 2 || server. our goal is to bring a bigger community together. UPDATE: Saaw ww2 IP: mtasa:// -Added mtasa:// GTA Roleplay IP to the advertisement system -Added new IMPLICIT / SAAW Discord server to advertisement: https://discord.gg/44adDxJ -Added ability "Raid": Medics can now capture zones with light vehicles -Added ability "Radio transmitter": Radio operators can deploy this device that uncovers all enemies for the whole team in a 20m radius. The transmitter can be shot. -Added a full map list to the "Votemanager" F9 help section -Advertisement/Help messages are now output to chatbox again (one message every 80 seconds) -Fixed a bug that calculated the wrong sound level for a player -Fixed a bug where some pistols made no noise when firing them -Fixed messed up shops in [TDM] Thailand -Nerfed Silent & deadly perk from 20/40% to 15/30% noise reduction -Slightly increased noise from jogging / swimming -Increased noise caused by weapon fire -Auto-Selfheal does now only heal up to ~90% - only a medic can heal beyond ~90% It is very likely that this update introduces new bugs. As usual, report them.
  5. Alright @everyone the admin applications are open, as you can see, but please, fill out the form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDKH54C3mfUkxPpcj1uFrFOQlaR_2pdh62j_cYOkGz5_pWiA/viewform
  6. Helle there, for everyone who's interested we've opened the administration applications! If you like to roleplay and help players join our discord and fill in a application!
  7. Mod note: topic locked for serious forum abuse by TS and consorts MTASERVER IP: mtasa:// DISCORDCHANNEL: https://discord.gg/44adDxJ Welcome to the Implicit Introduction. We are a server that started in the begin of 2016 Now we are almost alive for 4 years with ups and downs we came back in the game. - We want to bring back the roleplay as it was - Legal roleplay is very important in a roleplay server - ILLEGAL roleplay is important to but we are not a RPG server - We want to give everyone something to roleplay - We have an very nice administration team as they are ready to help everyone! - We allow everyone to come ingame if you speak english What do we offer you? We give you the experience to roleplay a good administration team working community and very friendly we offer everyone a faction wich need to have 3 faction members We want to give everyone something to roleplay with out faction or with a faction We have teamspeak almost up everyone is free to join! [ Links below ] ⦁ 21-03-2019 ⦁ Roleplay ⦁ English ⦁ IP: mtasa:// ⦁ Discord: https://discord.gg/44adDxJ ⦁ Find us on youtube
  8. I meant that every roleplay server which is coming up will die anyways.
  9. Tbh nta roleplay is becoming one hell of a joke
  10. Lady's and gentlemen trust me I'll come back at MTA when I have the perfect laptop I'll even open a GTA 5 roleplay server I'll be creating a big community and trust me everyone who what's with me is getting good :~ in my server for sure
  11. Yh I'm sorry if this is how you think about it
  12. My server was lit watch YouTube this is not the same.
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