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  1. I don't see why is it needed, did you see ALL the GTA animations to say they aren't enough? pretty sure you didn't.
  2. Hello. I'm ready to accept paid scripting requests. skype:bshr.ara payment via paypal. Also, i will only script in the limit of 100$, because that's all i need.
  3. Lol no problem, it happens, alot.
  4. dxDrawLine3D put the browser in the place of the color argument.
  5. Great, then, get the plate text using "getVehiclePlateText" BEFORE you spawn the vehicle, and after you spawn it use setVehiclePlateText and set it to the one you got from the first function.
  6. Wait, i just realized that you don't need to randomize it, your problem is that it's being randomized. but can you explain the problem more? is this happening AFTER the vehicle is respawned?
  7. put that in the code, and then add this: function onExplode (vehicle) randomPlate(vehicle) end addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode",root,onExplode)
  8. Do you have a website? host all the stuff on it, it can be sound, images, PDF, whatever you want, everything is possible.
  9. Host them on an image sharing website and load them with a web browser.
  10. write the error as it was written
  11. i'm pretty sure there is no function to detect where is the rhino aiming so you would aim in that direction.
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