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  1. It depends on the copyright law of the countries you (especially the author) live in. In case of the EU, it's actually the other way round: The author of the script always remains the author, even in a company. It's only possible to share exclusive usage rights. That's what's written in your employment contract or for open-source projects enforced by CLAs. So, if you want to use it, the author has to explictly grant you the permissions to do so. Otherwise, you have to remove it or you can be sued in court.
  2. What's your username? Do you have any hints (e.g. email address)? If you don't want to share it publicly, you can send me a PM.
  3. According to the MSDN, WebResponse should not be used for new projects (see: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.net.webrequest?view=netframework-4.8). Instead, we have System.Net.Http.HttpClient now. That function allows you to conviniently pass in form-encoded data via a Dictionary. See here for an example: https://stackoverflow.com/a/4015346/10035431
  4. You can fix that by enabling borderless window mode in the settings (-> video tab).
  5. You can also install it via the Visual Studio Installer. (Go to the "Individual components" tab and look for "Windows SDK 8.1")
  6. You can pass the connect URI to the MTA executable: E.g. $ "Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa:// $ "Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa://[email protected]:22003 $ "Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa://nick:[email protected]:22003
  7. MTA doesn't export the scripting API to modules at the moment. Currently, the only way is to use Lua to call the functions.
  8. Wow! Really interesting and promising project. I'd be interested in the performance overhead of the wrapper, especially in regards to conversion from and to types C# doesn't have exact equivalents for (e.g. tables). Have you already done some benchmarking? EDIT: Also, I'm just curious: Have you considered using TypeScript as the wrapper language when you started the project?
  9. Unfortunately, I've to confirm that this is true. We originally wanted to create a post with all details and background information within the next few days, but since there seems to be so much irritation, I'll anticipate a part of the whole background. Expect another post in a few days though. The problem is that contribution to MTA by open source contributors got stuck lately and the rest of the team isn't able to handle the remaining work alone. Also, we've recently run into financial troubles. Therefore, we - together with the SA:MP team - came to the conclusion that merging both mods makes more sense. Unfortunate for us, MTA is - measured against the player stats - the smaller mod so the merge has to be in favour of the SA:MP community. In addition, the SA:MP team kindly decided to help us out with some money to fix our financial problems (for legal reasons, we have to say they bought us). Hence, the new mod will start with SA:MP's feature set, but we're hoping to integrate most of MTA's features within the next 2 years. However the good news is that MTA's master servers will definitely not be switched off before July this year.
  10. GTA uses the metric system, so a unit is precisely 1 meter. You can find more information here: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Unit#GTA_III.2C_GTA_Vice_City_and_GTA_San_Andreas
  11. It's embedded in the .exe file. If you want to change it, you have to compile MTA yourself (you won't be able to join public servers with that version though)
  12. Es handelt sich um einen Fehlalarm, den du getrost ignorieren kannst. Da auch andere Nutzer das Problem mit Kaspersky hatten, haben wir Kaspersky kontaktiert und die Antwort erhalten, dass es sich um eine Falschmeldung handle, die in Kürze von Kaspersky behoben wird.
  13. MTA heavily uses the Windows API and compiler extensions of the Microsoft compiler (MSVC). The most important extension is inline assembly (allows you to mix assembly and C++ code). There's a gcc/clang extension for inline assembly too, but it uses a different syntax, hence huge parts of MTA had to be manually rewritten. From a technical perspective, it is possible to do that since there are pendants for almost all extensions/WinAPI functions on Linux. In theory, it's even possible to patch GTA:SA to use OpenGL and convert the executable format from PE (Windows) to ELF (Linux). Practically, doing it is by far out of all proportion to the time and effort needed to implement it in comparison to just using Wine/virtualization instead. So finally, it's virtually impossible.
  14. You can find all files that are directly related to the client here: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/tree/master/Client You can't. MTA never modifies IDE/IPL files, but directly accesses GTA:SA functionalities. If you need such a feature, you will have to implement it yourself. I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but as far as I can tell MTA doesn't download any IDE or IPL files. It just behaves like the singleplayer and loads the "default map" on startup. MTA's .map files are an entirely different concept. https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/tree/master/Client/core When implementing all the stuff, please make sure you don't violate the GPL license MTA is licensed under. That means: If you change anything and publish it, you will have to publish all your source code changes as well.
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