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  3. We have already hired! Thanks to all the applicants for spending their time in writing us. Thread can be closed now.
  4. LUA Developers Needed Limitless Dev is a company that provides premium MTA:SA resources & custom solutions. We are now looking for experienced LUA developers Requirements: - Must be able to understand and speak English fluently (As long as the developer is able to understand how the resource has to be designed, it is fine) - Must be able to finish the projects in time - Great experience in LUA language - Should have an ability to create resources from scratch - For security purpose, we will take some information such as ID card for customer's protection - Should be able to edit the pre-made resources and fix bugs - Should be able create resources with MySQL & SQLite - Should have an ability to create whole script without anyone's help Job Position Available: Senior Custom Developer (50% for every custom solution) NOTE: THIS IS NOT FULL TIME JOB, WHENEVER PROJECTS ARE AVAILABLE, WE WILL GIVE THE DEADLINE THAT HAS TO BE COMPLETED, REMOTE BASED JOB) Apply now: Send us your experience, skills, about yourself, achievements, or anything that can strengthen your chances to be part of our company at [email protected] In case of acceptance, we'll simply follow-up. Regards, Limitless Dev
  5. New Updates - Submarine v1.1 released, which fixes the major bug - Event system price dropped to $29.99 - Captain job price dropped to $12.99 - Emotes price dropped to $5.99
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  7. New Script Released Event System Released What this script is about? This resource allows you to create any kinds of event. Whether it is racing, TDM, parkour, or anything! Script is so flexible that admins can create more than one events at a same time. List of features: – Make event in different dimensions – Event panel for players, allowing you to create more than one event at same time! – Racing event has more special options, such as 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize on winning the race, checkpoints can be added easily – Object panel allowing you to place lot of objects in an event – Admin player function, allows you to control players in event and manage them. Such as freeze, kick player from event, fix vehicles, individual fix vehicle, player protection, vehicle protection, send prize and a lot more – Any vehicle of game can be placed easily through admin event panel – Weapon, Health & Armour Pickups can be placed – Repair & Nitro pickup can be placed – Removal of these pickups and vehicle can be done when cursor is open, and by clicking on it – Whole event can be deleted – Events can be saved through MySQL system and may be started anytime – Event panel for player uses the modern GUI and allows player to see the list of people participated in event with player name – Lot more features are available which might not be mentioned here An amazing event system which allows you to host and make EVERY different kind of events. Made with the most modern GUI and have tons of features Check out product page for more details, and screenshots! https://limitlessdev.net/product/event-system/ Price: $34.99
  8. New Script Released CryptoCurrency Simulator Resource What this script is about? Now this script allows you to buy and sell crypto-currencies. The crypto-currencies update according to the real price of these coins, you can buy as many coins as you want. How many cryptocurrencies are there? There are three currencies for now: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin Check out product page for more details, and screenshots! https://limitlessdev.net/product/crypto-currency-simulator/ Price: $11.99
  9. If you are looking for custom-made scripts, you may contact us here with your requirements: https://limitlessdev.net/support/ If you want to see our previous work, you may see it at our shop: https://limitlessdev.net/product-category/mtasa-script/
  10. If you are looking for custom-made scripts, you may contact us here with your requirements: https://limitlessdev.net/support/ If you want to see our previous work, you may see it at our shop: https://limitlessdev.net/product-category/mtasa-script/
  11. Hello, We can accept OneCard in which you can add the funds through mobile payment. https://limitlesshost.net/
  12. New Updates 1. VIP system has finally released, with 10+ VIP Features, using the best VIP admin control panel to add two kinds of VIP, trial & premium. Watch this whole video that shows all features of VIP System: 2. We have lowered the price of MTA: San Andreas resources due to lot of requests 3. Captain job minor bugs fixed 4. Emotes minor bugs fixed
  13. Limitless Free Hosting has been providing free MTA:SA & SAMP servers since 2015, today from now on we will be providing free Garry's Mod & CS 1.6 servers. We have also plans on adding new game servers which you can suggest us on our forums. Get your free game server here: http://limitlessrpg.com
  14. The version that i have posted will install all the important libraries, if someone with no Linux knowledge tries to install with the auto-installer you mentioned, he might be missing some important libraries, whereas this is a complete solution for that person to simply use that command on Ubuntu Operating system, and you are done! Moreover further instructions are given on how to start server etc.
  15. 10 slots - 20 posts 30 slots - 25 posts 50 slots - 30 posts 100 slots - 40 posts 200 slots - 50 posts 500 slots - 60 posts
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