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  1. I think eAi's tone was implicative, but he never implied anything with the actual meaning of the text.
  2. Do we know if GTA:SA supports more vehicles per zone?
  3. I'm sure this has been asked for already, but I'd like to state my desire for more simultaneous players per server. The more players the server can support, the better gangwars can be. I plan to write this mod with gang wars where each square block needs to be taken, by keeping 50% of the population of that square block as your gang for an amount of time. When this threshold is getting close to being breached, an alarm should sound. Areas of territory each have their own crime potentials, and holding teritory provides benefits, in the form of guns, money, or cars, to the gang holding the territory. Vehicles may or may not be locked if you are in rival gang territory. I imagine this, with games that could potentially go on for days, the map looking like the game of life. Your gang allegance is not visible to other players. You can join a gang on invitation, and even act as a double agent. Typically, your appearance should identify your gang, but this would not be the rule. Being killed knocks you out for an hour. Taking territory will require coordination, strategy, and skill. This mod would also effectively use more of the map than normal play. ... MTA Team, do you know yet if SA suports more vehicles per zone? I would be happy to know if you were already developing for SA, with an advance copy.
  4. I usually stop playing mta every time i start because I'm too frustrated from trying to keep connected. Often times I'll stay connected long enough to get near another player, then I get "disconnected from server". I am on a dsl, 1.5 down, 128kbit up. I allways go for the best ping servers I can, and usually keep a low ping until I'm disconnected. This issue is new to .3 and .3r2. I am using vc v1.0. On the plus side, I get to see lots of "chicken with it's head cut off" behaviour.
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOB! I wasn't even going to read this thread till I saw someone asking to be called a noob.
  6. I searched bub found no mention of this... Has anyone on the mta team considered balancing the weapons for online play? Right now it seems pretty unrealistic, with some limp ass weapons, cause everyone else in one player mode is seriously weak.
  7. Domination, with no fixed domination points... just a radius around you, which might be pushed back by how long the previous area has been dominated for, so the shorter it's been, the smaller your radius will be, so that the gangs can organize themselves into persistant gang wars with shifting boundaries.
  8. Could we seriously have a way to choose if we jack the car or not... otherwise, for example using the affore mentioned method, there would be no way at all to ride in the same car as someone on a different gang. Here's a little suggestion, when you're not the driver, you will by default point out your nearest window and shoot when the user fires. Another suggestion, domination gameplay, but with no set control points, but more like, you have to hold your ground for 5 minutes, and the territory you claim for your gang extends a radius from you, so that there can be turf wars, with changing borders and the like.
  9. I'd love for GTA to become a sort of "living city". Yes, people milling about the streets, populating buildings and the like... Who needs synced peds when you can populate the city with REAL PEOPLE to kill and piss off. Of course, there would need to be some reason to play ther than killing, and driving taxis is NOT gonna do it.
  10. Thank you for MTA:VC v0.1. I am very impressed and pleased. The Rabbit
  11. Sorry, i couldn't help myself... got my post deleted pretty quick tho.
  12. I think we could come up sith some fun uses for the stadium
  13. I could be wrong, but i seem to remember player skins are pretty small, about the size of an average webpage jpg. I don't think that would be much to download at the time that you connect to a server. A pack would be a pain for 56k'ers to download, but as is the way with any software you download over a 56k modem. Maybe the pack could be optional, the real goal is to have a gta3 realism expansion that's standardized across the board, not to force everybody to use it. As for the invisible skin, i have not seen this, but if it's just a skin, I'd bet it's pretty easy to detect on the client side. I'm gonna go look at what mods are out there. WhiteRabbit
  14. The automatic update was an idea to keep everyone on the same page without having to introduce server/client version incompatibility. Either way has it's evils. The skins should be pretty simple to keep up to date for peds, I don't know how difficult it is to import a car skin into gta. I just think that the gta city should have some more variety in a multiplayer incarnation. WhiteRabbit
  15. The programming wouldn't be functional in a day or so, the pack would be, if one didn't try to program anything, but rather simply to package everything in one distribution.
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