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  1. what the hell is this rpg is it a vice city rpg thing???? do you have to download any extra crap it sounds fun but i need more info
  2. To all you mta admins and propgramers that make this site, could you update the home page soon and the mta blue bar progress its been sitting there at 65% for a mouth and a half. I know its tough to make a single player game multi without any help. but it should be at least 75% done if youve been working on it this much. I dont meen to diss any one but you do need to update your home page.
  3. yes you read correct im not lieing you can play two player in san andreas there is a little red icon that looks like two people in orange grove when you walk on it the screen splits and you can play as cj and one of his gang members. its awsome you can play with your friends and do missions. also you can play arcade games and games on your tv in san adreas. I just found that out you also get girlfreinds. san adreas best game ever made. ever!!!! exept super mario bros
  4. dont ask that here, i want a stright anser will yuo ad the snipe or not and miniguns
  5. what about the sniper rifles and the minigun i like both so you mean modding like diffent game types and cap the the flag. I would kill for a vice city cap the flag, and san andreas dont think about adding a multi player mod, they use different models for night and day so the only way of doing it would keep the game in dayor night, but if you had it change the time the models would be all screwy and the game would crash.
  6. I was wondering if you could add the skimmer, and It sounds like you are alowing people to hack with c++ code. if your alowing people to add things such as land,buildings,cars isnt that considerd hacking? Um another thing to add would be the rc cars,planes,and helis. that would be cool. you should relesse the alfa or beta to everyone to see if it has proplems. we meaning all of us that play this lovely mod would like to help make it better.
  7. it was fixed all ready, Im not in the us, but canda is raceist they gave "back" my dads land to some stupid natives, becuse they said my great great grand father gave them a bad deal. who gives a rats ass, thats your grea great grand fathers foult. they did not want the land befor my dad put up luxuray condos on it, but just as he's finished they want want it, after a 3 month court period we won. stupid raciest bastards. you always go for your race. I should kill every one on this planet who ownly likes there own race.
  8. Every time I see a post with more than 5 repiles it goes way off topic, go back to topic and help him!!! who cares about raciesim black people are rasiset aganst white and we don't give a shit, but oh no some white guy called that guy a nigga, and hes in death row because of it. Raceism is an excuse to hate white people and get away with it. Black,asian,east indian native, mexicans and lations, can all call us raceist names and they get away with it. If I call a chinese person a chink, I would get shot, but if he called me a wigga he would get a good laugh. I Am not in the kkk, my best friend is black, and he sees things that way too. so shut your face BECAUSE YOU KNOW I am right.
  9. too late i mean client oo ya sorry you have to put it in server my mistake y did you delete the thing were i told people about the speedo. Can't I tell people what I have found??????????? its cool showing people stuff they don't know about.
  10. Ok befor you release the mta 0.4.1 patch please put the speedo in the stunt server i would like to know how fast im going they have it in deathmatch. and please give a list of all the cool stuff you added to mta. I noticed that you took the spas 12 out, please put it back. and in 0.5 if you make it, make it possible to shoot out of the car please.
  11. I all ready know that im not stupid. It works for 0.3 but i want it to work for 0.4 how do i get it to work i uninstalled the mta 0.3 client and in stalled the 0.4
  12. When i click on a server i like the client box shows up and says Can not connect incompatible version. its fixed
  13. I think i know what the problem is, in the client box were the join butten is theres a little thing that says gta vc 1.0 all you need to do is change it to 1.1. anther problem is that you may have to update your video drivers. i have a 9800 XT 256 MB and when i updated the drivers it worked smooth. I have a feeling it may be that becuse it stops befor it reaches the video portion. im just trying to help a felow german I can tranlate it to german if you want. sorry you have all uptaded versions do you have windows xp.
  14. ya i was looking at an april copy of pc gamer and i saw MTAVc in the best mods section.
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