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  1. ok i refomemated my pc reinstalled games ect when i came to vice city it didnt work!!!can any1 link me to a site where there selling it cheap?
  2. i thought GTA's city was GTA3 and vice was 2 maybe next it will be the london one who knows
  3. Whezzy

    Tupac Fans

    not really if he wasent in trouble by the law or owed alot of taxes and he has to py all his bills i heard rumors hes in cuba but if thats true then he had to have had a fake passport with will be against the law and it might be fraud faking death to get more money from cd sells and nother thing is every1 will wanna kill him cuz they will think he killed B.I.G
  4. Whezzy

    Tupac Fans

    then dont post if you dont like it idiot you can have your own taste in music but dont whine to me if you dont like it
  5. Whezzy

    Tupac Fans

    We All Know The Sad day of sept 13 1996 tupac shakur was shot and murdered on the lasvegas strip or was he?? In Many of his songs he talks bout him dieing ect your thinking but all rappers talk about death but he raped about it word for word just like it happend http://www.tupacfans.com/alive.php thats a good link for lots of other things saying hes alive and 7 years after his death same day (click on the link to see why its 7) his mom is releasing movie 'Tupac: Resurrection' and in his songs he says stuff like this Shot And Murdered i can tell you how it happend word for word and comin back reserced i made this video why hes alive but i dont know how i can post it here 10megs smee hav bad emgish
  6. in teh scareface room if you dont know where that is your not a true vc playa
  7. at protocol 42 LAN gearbox came nd we got to play beta pc Halo
  8. once i told a guy to find me in the scareface room he came in and i choped him up out side of the room and also a girl so i think the chains are synced
  9. 1: why a hunter it wont fire in mta so its the same as any choper so just use other chopers 2:then you can say anything it will be all &*Y 3:cant sync them and if they did it will take up 2 much bandwith 4:this is happening i dont know if you have to be in the same car but 2 guys in the same car thats kinda a team partners in crime 5:same as 3 6:you have to secendary fire that wont work in mta 7:you have a pireted copy or unstable pc 8 he was here first 9:there are admins if you own the server you be the admin 10:not a ban but anti cheat sumhow is in the works 11:wont that take up the radar?? 12: bright neon lights dont do it 4 ya? heehee 13 that will be to slow for the server makes every 1 download your skin when you join ect. 14when use spwan do what i do take out a uzi and run and shoot 15:save oneline your not making sence 16: this mayhappen dont know yet
  10. gets really old since 70% of players use a trainer
  11. what im saying is MTA is making the pc ver sell alot better and maybe sont dun like that so they pay them a fair amount of money to stop making mta games im asking the MTA Team if they will take the money or keep making the MOD
  12. that all every one on mta does gets boaring am i the olney one who wants to try sumthin diff?
  13. or you can cruise down the rode listening to your custom mp3's dododododo hit me baby one more time dodododdodo
  14. what if i tell you im HighMR???? *puts pinky next to mouth
  15. http://www.xbox.com/xboxtv/Default.htm? ... w=hi&ltn=f a remake but better graf and xbox live support i cant wait!
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