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  1. He's talking about bots to replace players and you're talking about creating peds. Not the same thing
  2. Get the default acl.xml file and try again?
  3. The healthy thing to do is to make one resource and just export the functions. Otherwise, you're just repeating code and that's useless.
  4. Way to reinvent how Lua comments are supposed to be.
  5. Wow that's so cute that you don't wanna use leaked sources.. lmfao I can make the entire gamemode in no time, but are you paying well enough?
  6. And if I may ask, do you update the purchased resources for each client after you update the versions? Also, how are you protecting these resources from being leaked? (someone can purchase one resource and leak it since you're selling the source code, I presume)
  7. يا حبيبي مافي شي بالبرجمة اسمه "ما ضبط".. شو الخطأ؟ شي استوا؟
  8. They aren't useless, they look good, and your theme looks good. but if you think it's worth 200 euros, it's not. at least not to me. But I wouldn't be surprised if "clans" pay that much. Anyway, good luck
  9. First you wanted to trigger the event onWasted, then onDamage, now you're asking onWasted again. What. Do. You. Want?
  10. Or trigger an event when the player types anything and set a timer to reset the status
  11. local team = getTeamFromName('Players') setPlayerTeam(source,team)
  12. AJXB

    mute problem

    I just added it in the right place and added an "end" for the if. Just copy my code, you need to learn more from the wiki how Lua works
  13. Doesn't work that way, functions in single player are different, yes, they have the same result, but they're not written in plain Lua, they're compiled. What's the point of your question? or is it just knowledge?
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