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  1. Only this http://prntscr.com/o0y5k5 In every mod, if i delete this, i will get this error with another mod
  2. Already, i got my admin perms, but the mods still with downloading error ;-;
  3. Everything started when i downloaded an permission manager called "apm" and these script removed my admin perms of start/stop scripts and these things, so.. I restarded the server, but when i try to star some mod, and download him, i get and downloading error, and get kicked off the server, aparently all the scripts are normal. Sorry for the bad english.
  4. No, i want to create a new money in the game, not the cash or the bank, an new money ;u;
  5. How i can create a script that spawns an vehicle, and if the player is in the acl, he can take the vehicle, and a new vehicle will be spawned, for other player of the group, but with a protection, so if an player with an vehicle, try to get other, the old will be deleted
  6. I dont know much about lua, and mta, but i know the basic because i know other languages like to java and python, so.. I dont know how the things work exactly at mta, and i need to make a moneyvip system, i think i will need to make the money script, and one mysql database, but i dont have idea of how to create an mysql database on my host ftp, and how to make an script that can modify write in the database, commands to add the money for players, and a log system, so.. Every information will help me so much Ps: sorry for this english, i'm brazilian ;-;
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