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  1. Well lines 213-274 is where it's drawing the players. You could go in there and just use getTeamColor.
  2. You need to create another window with a grid list on it (that'll be used for the SMS messages popup.) You can use onClientGUIDoubleClick on the players grid, get the selected player then show the popup, then get the messages between the players (should be stored in a client-side table) and add those to the grid list.
  3. You can put all the kills into a table with the account name and use table.sort.
  4. What exactly do you need to sync the timers for? There should be a better, more efficient way than trying to sync a client and server timer. If you really need to, you could just use either triggerClientEvent/triggerServerEvent every second to sync.
  5. You can see how I did it here: https://github.com/braydondavis/Nerd-Ga ... hicles.lua Use onClientPreRender instead, it will make it smoother.
  6. No, there's not a way to create fake players. You can create fake players in the scoreboard obviously, but there isn't a way to trick the server browser with more players.
  7. If it's a login done in HTML, you could probably use JavaScript cookies.
  8. Try putting the toJSON in single quotes. local database = dbConnect("sqlite", "parchement.db") dbExec(database, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS parchement (account_name TEXT, parchement TEXT DEFAULT '"..toJSON({}).."')") I'm honestly not sure if this will fix the problem though.
  9. As Noki said, each language is like a toolbox with its own purpose. However, I would chose Java over C++ just for the simple reason that it is a fairly easy language to learn and write in, especially compared to C++, and because Java is cross platform compatible.
  10. Yes... As NeverGiveup said, read teh imageData parameter.
  11. Mine does this too. Not too big of a deal, but yeah it is kind of annoying. I'd recommend you post this in the server support section so you can get some actual help from the developers.
  12. Your script probably has an error in it somewhere. Try to run it without it being compiled and see if it works.
  13. xXMADEXx

    admin panel

    The vehicles actually don't have a "list." The script just uses a loop to get all the vehicle models. Go into admin\client\gui\admin_main.lua. There's a for loop, should be lines ~126-130: for i = 400, 611 do if ( getVehicleNameFromModel ( i ) ~= "" ) then table.insert( vehicleNames, { model = i, name = getVehicleNameFromModel ( i ) } ) end end You can write if statements to check the vehicle model and tell the script if it should add it or not.
  14. Could you post the code, please?
  15. Ok, so you're looking for something like this, however it's not going to work unless you have the following variables defined somewhere else in the script: - on - Ativo - off - Garagem function guiPart() f1 = guiCreateButton(logX-recX/2+(recX-cancelX-okX+375), logY+fAltUser*2+sep*3-47,okX-70, recY-375, "", false) f2 = guiCreateButton(logX-recX/2+(recX-cancelX-okX+375), logY+fAltUser*2+sep*3-2,okX-70, recY-375, "F2", false) f3 = guiCreateButton(logX-recX/2+(recX-cancelX-okX+375), logY+fAltUser*2+sep*3+43,okX-70, recY-375, "F2", false) guiSetAlpha ( f1, 0 ) guiSetAlpha ( f2, 0 ) guiSetAlpha ( f3, 0 ) end function MouseClick ( button, state ) if ( button == "left" ) then if ( source == f1 ) then triggerServerEvent("Ativo", getLocalPlayer(), getLocalPlayer(), Ativo); ori9 = on; else triggerServerEvent("Garagem", getLocalPlayer(), getLocalPlayer(), Garagem); ori9 = off; end end end addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", root, MouseClick );
  16. What exactly are you trying to do? It's kinda hard to tell from this script. Also, be sure to check debugscript for errors by using /debugscript 3 And if you could, please post the whole script.
  17. xXMADEXx

    [HELP] Color

    Try using this: Amount = { }; Amount.RED = { 255, 0, 0 }; Amount.BLUE = { 1, 1, 1 }; Amount.PINK = { 2, 2, 2 }; Amount.BLACK = { 0, 0, 0 }; function clr (player,command,color) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) if color and vehicle then if ( not Amount [ tostring ( color ):upper ( ) ] ) then return false; end local r, g, b = unpack ( Amount [ tostring ( color ):upper() ] ); setVehicleColor(vehicle, r, g, b ); end end addCommandHandler("color", clr) Please make sure to check debugscript before posting. (/debugscript 3)
  18. Update I have very little time to work on this project anymore as for I'm now both going to school and working full time. I hardly even get a chance to breathe, so it could be quite some time before I'm able to push out any more updates.
  19. Check debugscript. The admin resource might not have permission to "function.kickPlayer" or "function.setPlayerMuted"
  20. Next time you should add it to the community website instead of uploading it elsewhere. https://community.multitheftauto.com/
  21. xXMADEXx


    setElementPosition createMarker onMarkerHit -- Event
  22. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=7349
  23. It's really not a difficult task to manually reconnect...
  24. It's HEX color codes, not HTML, but yes.
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