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  1. RekZ

    Weapon Zoom

    The M4 FOV is 50, with this function adjust the fov to 50 when the player aim, I can manually adjust the fov to 50 so that it loads faster than the GTA Default FOV, it's a bad implementation but for what I'm looking for it works for me xd
  2. RekZ

    Weapon Zoom

    i found something that i think i can use jajaja, thanks for help anyway setCameraFieldOfView
  3. RekZ

    Weapon Zoom

    Sorry @Spakye I didn't explain myself well, i want to edit the zoom of weapon like the M4 or MP5, the handgun and the MP5 have a small zoom comparate to the M4 or the AK.
  4. RekZ

    Weapon Zoom

    Hello, i'm looking for some way to fast the weapon zoom when i'm aiming. Maybe i can edit the flags using ? setWeaponProperty
  5. Uuuh that really hurt me i think i will stop my project and wait for that function, i really dont want to change 70 or more IDs Thanks for your time.
  6. Thanks for your respond, for what i can see, the models that give me the problem have this code 2097348 (i will let the info here i dont want to forget it ) MTA have some way to edit the flags for a object ? 2097152 - DISABLE_BACKFACE_CULLING 128 - DONT_RECEIVE_SHADOWS 64 - NO_ZBUFFER_WRITE 4 - DRAW_LAST
  7. I am trying to replace the models of the light wires (Photo ID 13451) that are found on the map to give them a utility and in some of those models I find the problem that the texture is inverted i try to use setElementDoubleSided, engineSetModelVisibleTime, setObjectProperty and others function but nothing work, i really dont known what special property or configuration have these model to invert the texture >:C
  8. RekZ

    CD47 Ban

    Thats why is better to have a logitech or msi mouse and use a official macro software to do tricks
  9. Pues puede ser por varios motivos, si no tiene orden ninguno de ejecucion si iniciaste el hud antes que el login el hud siempre tendra prioridad sobre el login, el login puede estar configurado para que aparezca detras de todas las otras cosas (La variable postgui creo que era). Lo que yo te recomendaria (que es lo que suelo hacer yo) si no lo necesitas solo cargues el HUD cuando el usuario este logueado o spawnee asi te evitas problemas como ese
  10. Ese error del que hablas no se encuentra en la zona de comprar xd mas bien parece un error de cuando ejecutas la animacion al usar el objeto, puede que ala hora de usar la maria o la bebida o cualquiera de esas cosas no estes restando el que estas usando.
  11. Ese evento que estas usando es para cuando el resource se enciende, tienes que usar un evento que se ejecute cuando el NPC reciba daño te dejo un ejemplo abajo function trollgolpeado (loss) local health = getElementHealth (source) if (getElementModel(source) == 153 ) and ( health <= 60 ) then setElementModel(source, 213) end end addEventHandler ( "onPedDamage", getRootElement(), trollgolpeado )
  12. I think i bug the post because says the last reply is "ThanaReal" but inside the post the last reply is mine , and it says there are only 8 replies but in the post i count 9 replies jajaja Always i enter again in the post tell me "Unread Replies" in my Reply
  13. function onClientProjectileCreation() local projectileType = getProjectileType( source ) if projectileType == 20 then -- 20 = Guiding Rocket -- SCRIPT end end addEventHandler( "onClientProjectileCreation", getRootElement( ),onClientProjectileCreation) You can select what proyectile you want to edit https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetProjectileType
  14. Maybe you can test using this functions if you tell me more of what you want to do maybe i can help you xd https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientProjectileCreation https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetProjectileTarget
  15. oh thats bad, thanks i will wait for that update ?
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