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  1. I know they wernt targeting mta... what I said is the wojjie networks offers free service to people, they host mta game servers.
  2. they should be attacking microsoft or something, not a network that is offering free services to people, how lame. Hope the attacker gets whats coming to him, hope there isp gets terminated and they get a big fine.
  3. I get a ping of around 15 - 30 ms to the official server (think its a few states away), I am 9ms to the isp's backbone..... Lower ping = bettter ... The slow graphics drawing I think is a bug because I just noticed that in .2, and its not cpu, ram, video card or connection related. Ping (latency) is the rtt (round trip time) in miliseconds that it takes your packets to get to and from the server. If you see a 0 ping that that either means you or someone on your local network is serving or its some type of bug. And if you are the server and everyone else is 600+ then you should lower the max players.. I believe mta:vc bandwidth use is as following (for acceptable gameplay) ... 128kbps upstream, 2 - 3 players 256kbps upstream, 3 - 4 players and so on (someone correct me if this is wrong)
  4. bsr

    g4tv .......

    I have every channel from 2 to 950 and still dont get that channel.
  5. I see on the home page that there suppose to be an inview or something that is going to speak about mta on g4tv .... I hope someone with a tv tuner could encode this ... ps. sorry for wrong forum post.
  6. bsr

    PEDS !!!!

    1. It would add lots more lag, and it would take way to much bandwidth 2. If it was client side then you WOULDNT be able to hijack, otherwise others wouldnt see the car (use your brain and think) 3. peds would suck, its better with REAL people
  7. DOS attacks, what you think ... LOL
  8. well on bike I guess you could go full speed, wreck into a pole then get on faster then him... LOL
  9. Think that card is just alittle to old, driver update might not do much.
  10. During testing how stable was .2 compared to .1 ? Did it still lockup or crash ?
  11. 1.0 unless you have graphic curruptions..
  12. 1.1 Does NOTHING..It's only a patch to fix graphics curruption on some nvidia cards.
  13. bsr

    Only 10% left...

    I say within the next week.
  14. yeah no is a piss poor answer, your wrong. you loss ..
  15. if you have high latency on cable or even dsl then it indicated a very very bad connection to your isp or a overloaded server, or a bad/far path... I am 15ms to lots of my bf servers as well as the one eastcoast mta server..
  16. no one should be on dialup anyway .. dialup is NOT made for games.. The reason why so many dialupers on is because most of you guys are kids.
  17. yes they are different things, but try to play bf1942 with a ping of 200ms (you will freeze with connection errors), it will be unplayable ... Not to mention most servers will auto kick at around 200 .. Instead of saying lag and ping are 2 different things, its more logical to say bandwidth and ping are 2 different things... bandwidth is capacity and latency(pings) is speed (responce) in RTT ..
  18. No, I work in networking and over 200ms is bad bad bad ... The reason why it will affect cable users is dialup pings are typically around 300ms, and there upstream capacity is very low... If there position in the game isnt updated in semi-realtime then cable/dsl users will see the dialupers skipping all over the place, effecting gameplay. And how the current version handles bandwidth it is not made for dialupers (like in any online game) ... Dialup is not made to be used for online gaming, period.
  19. I notice that in the new screenshots, the one that shows all the pings.. pretty much everyone in there was over 200ms ... No wonder it lags, its all them dialupers.
  20. bsr

    GTA3: MTA?

    umm, you ever think maybe they want to finish something they started ?? there still at .3 ... 1.0 will be a complete project. And besides, lots of people still play gta3 (not me though) and they still want to see it updated so they will keep playing.
  21. Yes im threw a router (and forwarded the ports) and yes I enabled ASE in server config ..... here is the log .. SERVER: successfully started the server (port 2003) SERVER: press 'q' or 'Q' to shutdown the server. ADMINSERVER: successfully started the server (port 2000) SERVER: ASE registration is enabled ... will attempt to register (if possible).
  22. Im having a problem were server isnt getting listed in ase .. whats wrong?
  23. Yes but the thing is I edited the handling file before (before mta:vc came out) and forgot about it and mta didnt even work... So this is not how he was doing this ...
  24. I was playing, I was on a sport bike and was just playing around seeing who could catch me... Anyway, Someone was about 1/4 mile behind me in a yellow car, and he all of a sudden caught up in less then a second and he was going so fast he lost control and spun around like 3 or 4 times, flipped and slid 2 blocks ... And when I said "Cheater in yellow car" (car he was driving), he replied with someonething childish like "I dont cheat, im just this good" ... So I remembered what he was wearing and followed him around the rest of the game and continued to see him doing this. My question is, How did he do this ? And will this please be fixed in next version ?
  25. TAG - self explainitory Chase to kill - Mini game that would consist of you chasing someone with the only object is to kill there car (in this mini game getting out of car should be disabled)... also vehicles would be equal in speed. CTF - capture flag from one city take it to other city to your base. TDM - just kill Spectator mode - Just spectate after you die and would be a button to spawn. Free mode - Just roam the city and do whatever, like it currently is.. Stunt mode- Person with highest stunt bonuses wins... races - Turn the regular track into a real race with laps, and announced winner(s) Conquest - There would be flags, or check points set up all over the city and the object would be to secure, and capture all of the points on the map. Objectives ( not the name it would be) - Much like regular gta it would have objectives that need to be completed over the city, first person to complete all objectives would win the game... Demolition derby - Would be a ring like the track but without the hump in the middle. Would have many people, last one standing would win. No exiting vehicle during derby. Chopper battle - all get apaches and must shoot each other out of the sky... Cant think of anymore ATM... Does any of them ideas sound interesting ? .
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