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  1. i love this idea im glad you guys came to a conclusion to merge to produce one great mod i hope this means a quicker release date for vice city mp! good work guys good luck to you.
  2. ZigZag

    What To do?

    what on earth is there to do in vice city to keep it worth playing after the games finished??? example best jump locations... list em here!
  3. When i goto your webpage it links somewhere else saying that your webpage is "Frozen", i hope you can fix it soon
  4. Yay Vice City+ Liberty + Multiplayer = The Best Multiplayer game this year has to offer omg i cant wait for the release of bothi will be playing them non stop of course.
  5. go check the webpage multiplayer is released for download!!! it sucks ass now tho it dont even have any cars i cant wait for mta to release there version its gunna kick gtat's ass!!!
  6. Hey Mta Team, could you please post some screenshots of your progress?I would love to see how the mod's coming along.
  7. you have a point, but not to many of us are intelligent enough to take on that task well maybe its just me
  8. Yes, you have a point but the earlier we get it the more we can improve upon it with suggestions and bug reports.
  9. List the features of the vice city mp mod here plz i wanna know if we can ride with 2 passengers on a motorcycle, or drive the helecopters
  10. ZigZag


    i love you MTA you are my hero's Vice City Online is gunna rock
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