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  1. 11555 views since "Fri May 09, 2014 6:03 pm". Seems legit.
  2. This is just an idea by now. Personally I don't have much time, at the moment. University and courses are demanding a lot of effort, I barely have the time to go to my sports training regularily and I think this here can wait a few months. Would also need some scripters to build me the bridge-functions between the MTA-Servers and our Control Panel and supporters for all this, but I will start searching once it's the time.
  3. Oh, you offer compensation for our clients. How heroic. This hosting business here has become a complete joke. We never hosted MTA:SA servers to become rich, we just wanted to provide a solid service and some compensation to cover our own expenses (and these included ONLY server bills). Our programmers and support staff were doing all work for free. It was clear that by offering MTA exclusively we would have no large turnover, and that was fully acceptable for us. We at gta-servers.net were all players that were looking for a good, reputable host. I think we did pretty well, but in the end there were too many morons and kids trying to fuck us up. Especially our "clients" from the middle east (in fact, Pakistani) who claimed that they "cannot pay for it" (and I had some understanding for that - PayPal and Credit Cards are blocked there) were receiving our service for free. But instead of being grateful for the gift they received they started complaining about their brothers and cousins, needing a server and stealing their login details. Talking badly about the "laggy service" we offered to them and all kind of nasty things. 16 Slots for free were not enough for them, and so on. Additionally, our trial phases were massively abused and ordered in dozens by a handful of the same customers. For a large company that has thousands of clients this is not a big deal. They would call this ad spending, etc. For us this just meant a lot of administrative work to sort out these clients, ban them from our site and again handling a lot of complaints. Not to mention all those *fucktards*, who thought they should buy a server from us and bash the CPU into the ground, and then file a PayPal dispute when we terminate the service with them. Note: We would have warned these people twice until we terminated their server. And last but not least, let's not forget about our dear competitors in the hosting business, mistaking us for really bad enemies and sending out DDoS attacks to our servers Finally, we decided to give this bunch of rednecks the push. There were a few of you who gave us a great feedback - and i felt sorry for them. But in the end this feedback was not enough to keep it going. We are currently working on a new website and Control Panel to give our users more power to maintain their servers. This will include a manual backup function and preconfigured packages, so they won't have to contact the support for every stupid shit like adding a server admin to the acl.xml And our new service will be free only. We will give out servers to selected people and kind of "sponsor" them. This way we can ensure that we won't have too much work with our clients. I think this is all for now. Shigawire
  4. By the way, you now get an 48 hour trial with every order on https://gta-servers.net
  5. Jokeℝ and nouris700: Your servers have been set up Have fun. As we just announced in our other thread, this giveaway promotion has now officially ended. Please don't ask us for a free 16 Slot server anymore.
  6. You are from Tunisia. This is north africa. You are supposed to use a european server, of course.
  7. Hey! We have been talking to a lot of customers during the last weeks and we have come to the conclusion that having a location close to Asia would be awesome for a lot of them. So here it is. Today, we officially annouce our new location in India! Check out our testserver at mtasa:// There are some limitations regarding the routing in this region, though. Since most countries in Asia and around don't peer directly due to high bandwidth costs and political situations, the ISPs very often take a very long route to peer at LINX (London) and France. This may result in relatively high pings for users from Pakistan and China. Other countries should be fine. Please join our server and tell us how it is going! Especially you guys from Asia and around Further, we have now officially stopped giving out 16 Slot servers. We think that enough people now have a free server and many new people joined us and host their gameserver with us. Those who already have a 16 Slot server will always keep it, we will just not give out any new ones. But if you ask politely we will see what we can do for you We have thought alot about how to promote our service and how to make it easiest for you to decide to go with us. We have come to a very simple solution: Every server is completely FREE within the first 48 hours of usage. That should be enough time for everyone of you to test our servers and if you don't want to host with us you just don't pay. But we promise: You will want to PS: We have just raised our capacity for our Germany location.
  8. We can give you a free testing server for some days if you wish to check out our service Just PM me and we will set you up at your desired location.
  9. SinovenatoR: Thanks for your lovely post I have set you up a server in the Netherlands, have fun with it and good luck. Tell us if you need anything Modern: Also your server has been set up.
  10. And this is perfectly fine. The design is quite nice and eligible to be used as it is now. But you claim to have this "Website designed by Skufu Web Developers" (see above). And this is, by all means, not true. Don't call yourself web-designer when you copy a theme for even your own company. That's all.
  11. Right click, "Show source code": <!-- ZeroFour 2.0 by HTML5 UP html5up.net | @n33co Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (html5up.net/license) --> http://www.skufuweb.com/ is your web design company? Have a look at http://html5up.net, the "ESCAPE VELOCITY" theme by @n33co. I am not entirely sure, but for me the themes are quite similar.
  12. Hey! This sounds like a totally awesome idea. This is a very huge project. Normally the development of such a system takes months or ages and few ten-thousands of dollars. In first place you should care about the security. Once your project gets popular there are a lot of people who mess around with your code or try to break in. And if they are successful, you are losing reputation very quickly. And do you plan to integrate some CRM and Billing-Systems? Having the "backend" to deploy and manage the hosting-related stuff is nice, but you would at least some integration for already existing systems like WHMCS or build the ones yourself. We have been building our own control panel and billing system, lately. I would like to chat more with you about that, but I think this thread is not that suitable for this. PM me if you want to talk some more about this
  13. Chronos: If I remember correctly you already have a server? client-215? So may I assume that you don't need that anymore and we can terminate it? brbender: There are no servers in Brazil from us Pick your desired location here: https://gta-servers.net/testserver.php VLAD-01: Where is the problem here? And is there any reason why you didn't contact our support but again used this thread?
  14. Malek, stop asking for another server or we will terminate your current one.
  15. Come on boy. This is too obvious I would rather give out servers to those who are worth receiving this free service and who actually know how to value it. Please abstain from commenting on this thread any further to keep it clear. If you want to argue with us please do so in the IRC chat we provide or PM me here.
  16. What a pity. So that was your chance. For everyone else we still happily give out 16 Slot servers. Just reply to this thread as usual
  17. wassimmas: You already have one server with us. Lampard told me you are constantly bugging around and requesting unneccessary "support". You blame us for "mistakes" and "bugs" that are not caused by us but your incompetence and then trying to push that on us. Now you request another free server? I think you have played your game long enough, your current server has been terminated and we will not give you another one.
  18. First of all, you are not from Germany. You are from France, or at least a french-speaking descendant. No german would ever use the word "serveur". We don't even know it this way. Additionaly, you are using a yahoo.fr email address when living in Germany? Seems legit. And at last.. Where did we say we give away 32-Slot servers? I have been looking through my posts, trying to find this very hard. I couldn't find it Maybe you could point me to it. Same answer to all the guys before you who couldn't read Start doing it now. Start thinking then. And then come back and try again. Then I am willing to give you a free server.
  19. Mr.ShariQ & ShockZ: Servers have been set up check your mails.
  20. Well. You get an outstanding service and performance. Either it is not a problem for you to have your server branded and you will be happy with it.. Or you just don't buy it We are not hunting for profit and we rather decline clients who are that.. let's call it picky. If you are not okay with it, just don't buy it The other possibility is to disable this branding. We did this in some individual cases already but in general we would like to see the URL in the servername. This is the best marketing we could get. @ (JJ): if i remember correctly you had one before the DDoS, right? Then you probably have the old IP address. Please PM me your client-id @Motorola[sm]: Of course, please PM me your client-id and I will switch you over. @Raahim: No problem for you, too. Like above, PM me your client-id and I will do this.
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