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    I wonder how it's pathetic to copy a map from one server to own, it's not that you're taking credit for the map, it's exposing the map to more people for more people to enjoy. How's that pathetic?
  2. Same problem but I haven't tried quick connect.
  3. I'd like it if someone from the team could comment on the matter .
  4. Get down here right now!
  5. No you don't understand *slaps some sence into the person*. I mean as in the GAME jumps and freezes regularly when your in that mode, not vehicles jumping with springs .
  6. Alot of the time playing in the mode 'Interstate' there seems to be alot of peoples games Jumping, is there any Fix? .
  7. Try out Pinnacle Game Profiler! Whenever I feel like using a gamepad that's exactly what I use. http://www.pinnaclegameprofiler.com It costs money so downloaded the trial before you decide, but it was so good I just bought it after a few hours, you can set joysticks to mouse, any button to any Keyboard control and make button combinations, (A + Y) be for example 'special action'. It's really good .
  8. Sometimes in Assualt maps, especially tiny ones like supermarket, it is very hard to see the objective marker because of the cluster of people crowding over it, would it be possible to make objective markers go infront of player markers, if you don't understand take player markers as 'behind text' and objectives 'Infront of text'.
  9. I think you should make options there for things like the set controls, for example I was on the Stealth server earlier and I pressed R to jump, but I brought out my shield, it would be more convenient to be able to set these options in controls . Also I dunno if this is just me but in spectator mode the camera is locked onto the player and when I try to move it, it locks back to the position behind the player, is the any button we need to hold or?
  10. 1. I think for vehicles such as some vans which have back doors, as A.I can do it I think it would be cool to accept extra passengers in the back of vans which they can shoot from too. 2. Button asigned to grenading, this could be good as then you could shoot and throw grenadees at the same time, good for hardcore DM fans, or if you can't implent it within the SDK, good for a poss CS mod. What do you think?
  11. Shadowsniper


    This just shows how nooby people are at hydra .
  12. It would definatly be possible for XBOX, but not going to happen .
  13. Hey i was wondering if anybody could work a votekick command for a server im an admin on.
  14. Do you feel like its running choppy for the wrong reason? For example, if you have frame limiter off in Single player thats why mta feels weird to you, because mta sets it on
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