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  1. well,as the little says im looking for a server(i prefer RPG or zombie or GangWar gamemodes) to work on for a cheap price, im not going to put much informations. if you are interested feel free to message me Fenix#3906.
  2. i recommend you to try out CIT or SAUR these 2 servers have a good playerbase as well as an enjoyable gameplay.
  3. this is topic/server is indeed not yours.. hence you should be punished for copying someone's else work which is not legal here.(0creativity lol)
  4. INTRODUCTION: Nexus Games is a host provider founded by Deeihim and Powerful which primary aim is to ensure the best server hosting quality for the player.Additionally this company has launched a server in MTA.The idea of this server is hopefully appealing the players whom we are trying to ensure that they enjoy the fun while playing.You might be claiming that this server is way similar to other servers yet it is far from being so, it contains 3 gamemodes, CnR , battle royale and last but not least shooter gamemode.We are soon going to launch the beta version since we are currently scripting and implementing scripts in game and fortunately everything is going smoothly,therefore if you want to have a deeper idea of our server, check out our forum/discord. FORUMS: https://forum.nexusgames.ir/index.php DISCORD: https://discord.gg/yJtTFN DEVELOPMENT PROGRESS Our development team is doing the best to come up with unique and appealing ideas and yet we are not rushing things since we want to script ideas that are worth it and any suggestion posted below is appreciated. We have a bunch of experienced scripters starting from Swagy, Tahseen and Fenix. We are also using DGS GUI in our server since we find it convenient and easy to use. Development Block N°1 Login Interface ALPHA Updates for this Resoruce - Updates and News will show on the panel (below the login cordinates) - E-mail retrievial and E-mail verification - FAQ and Feedback Option Vehicle Spawners ALPHA Updates for this Resoruce - Adding more vehicles in the spawners. - Adding more spawners all over SA. ALPHA Updates for this Resoruce - Softer Camera view. - Adding More places to reach using teleport. - Fixing teleporting fees. SMALL NOTE: this topic is going to be regularly updated depending on the development progress.
  5. I highly recommend visiting TPF for those who are interested in learning how to script, they give an accurate explantory of everything you need to know.
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