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  1. Very familliar path as mine. Congrtz on ur new PC, missed you too ^^
  2. Yeah some don't look much good(espically depth of field) And since i think ships are already detailed on "low" settings. There is no need for "high" and override CPU.
  3. After getting a new PC. I think all the graphics settings on, shows amazing promise of work. It doesn't lag or cause fps drop with GTX 1650 at all.
  4. Looking forward to check out your "new server" ^.^ Anyways, thanks for the update ein.
  5. Well. I got used to this situtation. SAAW always dies and stays in 0-5 player count. And after updates or "miracles", player count goes up to 10-20 again.
  6. Its a TDM server, not Roleplay. It would be soo boring.
  7. Hey Ein ! Can I suggest like a atmospheric update ? Since you have changed maps recommended starts according to accuracy of the history... Can you do the same with map endings ? Like imagine Soviet side winning the Berlin map. Soviet flag and maybe even its march as well. Like USA And Germany. They are the only ones who show up in endings. Its kinda awkward to see USA/German flag ending in Berlin and other "specific" maps.
  8. Thanks for all the hard work Ein ! By the way. 3 days ago. It was my 1 year anniversary of being a staff member in your server ^.^ I'm really greatful.
  9. Hello Ein. I would like to inform you that Italian pionier skin is a girl. (ID 251) https://ibb.co/nfzvgBL Idk if its messed up by someone or bugged out. I am not gonna blame anyone for this, since i dont know. When i joined on server today. airstrike carriers was playing on the server. And some people had girl skins. JN was online so i thought JN gave them those skills for fun. But later when Italy opened up couple of minutes ago. Italian pionier skin is literally a girl in red dress.
  10. Whoaaaaaa !!!! Better than i thought. Thanks Ein ! And I FINALLY HAVE A TURK MOD FRIEND HEHEUHEUHE. It's a huge update. Like i can't point out which one is the best one. Ty again.
  11. Upload + Brits can wait. We learned to be patient from you Ein.
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