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  1. So basically I have a script which applies textures to a large number of objects through a shader when people connect. Normally this process takes about 20-45 seconds. However, since I upgraded to 1.5 it takes 3 to 7 minutes. Nothing else changed except the server version. I literally don't even have the faintest clue of what happened. Anyone know what causes this/how to fix it?
  2. Is there a Linux server package for this?
  3. If I'm understanding correctly (I haven't worked with it yet), based on the fact that downloading is disabled you'd have to embed it into a webpage and load that through the browser. Fairly simple using HTML5 video.
  4. Ah, that would be perfectly fine then. As long as there's no automatic exclusion for sites that aren't on the list, a whitelist would be okay.
  5. A global whitelist would undeniably be the worst option, it would be essentially ineffective and massively restrictive. If I want to display content from my website on my server, there shouldn't be anything in the way of that other than the player deciding for themself that they don't want to receive that content. The best option would certainly be for the game to send a request to the player to whitelist a page locally, with options to turn off the requests (accept by default) and turn off the browser altogether.
  6. Interesting. If you deliver the scale of results you're promising the BII will be a much needed asset to the community. I'm sure I'll have a reason to work with you in the future.
  7. Looks pretty solid. Full featured, and it uses SQL which is a much more efficient way to store data than XML. The grammar issues are a bit distracting though, but since you acknowledge that yourself I hope you take this as more helpful than critical: - The dollar sign ($) always comes before the numbers ($10,000 rather than 10,000$) - Some words are combined that don't need to be ("Rental price", "House menu") - In "This House is locked/unlocked", house doesn't need to be capitalized Other than that it seems pretty good, certainly an improvement over other interior systems that are available on the community.
  8. That's un-efficient, use root or getRootElement(). It takes very little at all to process it using a loop so it can be done either way.
  9. You can also do a loop: for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do outputChatBox("Message here", v, 0, 0, 0) -- change 0,0,0 to your colors. end
  10. I'm using a modified version of Jesseunit's realistic night shader which I've adapted to apply the night effect to textures which are also replaced within the same shader. In the resource, the original night shader is applied to the majority of textures as normal. When it's necessary to replace a texture, the original night shader is then removed from the element and the modified shader is applied, thereby replacing the texture while retaining the night effect. However, I'm getting a significant amount of z-fighting with the replaced textures Here is an example: I've replaced this sign (one of the signs used in the airport) using the shader This is how it's supposed to look - http://puu.sh/72TvB.jpg However, when I move the camera angle, parts of the back piece of the sign (which is submerged inside the wall) begin to show up - http://puu.sh/72Tv9.jpg Eventually, the entire back piece shows up - http://puu.sh/72Tud.jpg Here is the source of the shader I'm using to replace the texture - http://pastebin.com/E9vTv6Nd Any suggestions?
  11. J.S.

    help nametag

    On lines 6 and 7, your first argument to getElementData is incorrect. It should be 'player' (as in the player whose nametag is being shown) instead of 'localPlayer' (which is always your own player element).
  12. J.S.


    You have the code for the police bank commented out. Remove the content on lines 18 and 24, those signal the beginning and end of a comment in XML
  13. J.S.

    Inverted aim issue

    I'm having an issue with aiming in MTA on my new computer. I play pretty much everything inverted, so naturally I've set MTA to invert the camera. This works fine, up is down, down is up. The issue comes in any time I aim - it does not invert like the camera, so regardless of my invert setting, up is still up, down is still down. Surprisingly enough it actually makes shooting extremely difficult. Here is my MTADiag: http://pastebin.mtasa.com/660995020 My specs are as follows: Intel Core2 Quad 2.4ghz (4 cores) 8 GB RAM (only 4GB is useable at the moment because I installed 32 bit Windows by mistake) Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT (512 mb video memory) Windows 8.0 Professional, 32-bit I think it may have something to do with the game's interaction with the processor, as my old computer was running Windows 8.0 on a single-core Pentium 4 and did not have this issue. I did try to set the process' affinity to 0, but it did not solve the issue.
  14. J.S.

    No Anti-Virus

    This is such a humourous message. Of course I don't want my computer to lag, hence why I haven't installed an anti-virus.
  15. Your acl.xml file has a syntax error. Probably just a tag that's not closed properly. Make sure all of the tags end in "/>" and not just ">"
  16. J.S.


    That's either caused by the game engine or MTA, the limit can't be expanded because there technically is no limit set.
  17. J.S.


    The forum is censoring the function names I just want to know if the function name in this line: function :~ () is different from the function name in this line: setTimer(:~, 1800000, 1)
  18. Putting "--" before something comments it out (the code is not executed) Removing the dashes before playSound should make it work.
  19. J.S.


    Indeed, go ahead and try it out and let me know if it works EDIT: You are using a different function inside setTimer than the one that displays the message, right? Otherwise it will just continue displaying the message every 30 minutes.
  20. If the event isn't supposed to trigger for anyone in particular (such as an automated server maintenance event) you could just use a dummy element for it. triggerEvent("eventHere", createElement("dummy"))
  21. I appreciate your response Driggero, unfortunately I tried that before I posted this thread and it didn't give very definitive results (mostly just returned 0's). I'm fairly surprised that the IDs aren't documented anywhere.
  22. J.S.


    You have no function in setTimer() in the second code Correct syntax is setTimer( [function], [time in ms], [number of executions] )
  23. I'm just wondering if anyone has a list of the bodyPart IDs returned by onClientVehicleCollision. There doesn't seem to be any documentation on this and using debug lines doesn't seem to be helpful as it is just continually returning 0's. So if you do have the IDs, please do share as it's fairly important to what I'm working on. Thanks
  24. It's fairly simple actually, just use these functions engineImportTXD engineLoadDFF engineLoadTXD engineReplaceModel
  25. A moving gate can be made very easily with these functions addCommandHandler moveObject
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