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  1. Keep thinking like that and you'll surely end up on the top.
  2. That makes no sense, et-win.
  3. For a server to be best of the best you first need to have a gamemode different than others. So, what I hope is that the developer will host the only server with this gamemode instead of releasing it to public.
  4. The downside is having something like current Roleplay and DayZ scene. ( Shitload of servers, no players )
  5. Great job, I hope you don't release this to public.
  6. Spajk

    1.4 Beta Release

    Is this guy serious ?
  7. You could try wth setPedControlState. setPedControlState ( ped, "fire", true) setTimer(setPedControlState, 1000, 1, ped, "fire", false)
  8. I think that this is GTA:SA limit. But why do you need so many objects? 65365 is quite a lot.
  9. https://www.mediafire.com/?apcpl89q2aw22rw This is a little script for getting server stats, extracted right from the GameQ. To use it simply include it and use the function "scan_server($ip, $port)". Note: For port, use the ASE port number.
  10. Spajk

    RP Projekt!

    Uh, po onome sto sam cuo, RP serveri tesko pocinju jer cim budu malo poznatiji, odredjeni serveri pocnu da ih DDoS-uju.
  11. Spajk

    Pomoc oko scripte

    Odgovorio sam ti tamo.
  12. Spajk


    local stats = {73, 75, 71, 77, 78} for _, stat in ipairs(stats) do setPedStat(source, stat, 1000) end This is why, stat ID 73 is "73: WEAPONTYPE_SAWNOFF_SHOTGUN_SKILL" You are setting player's skill to "pro" by, but in the code below you are only changing weapon property at "poor". Simple fix is to include the following line in the code: setWeaponProperty(26, "pro", "damage", 30) Also, weapon properties don't need to be set again on every spawn.
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