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  1. hey ClientSide : function gui() local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() if screenHeight < 700 then g_MapSide = 450 else g_MapSide = 700 end local width = g_MapSide + 20 local height = g_MapSide local X = 0 local Y = 0 wdwMap = guiCreateWindow( X, Y, width, height, "Map", false ) imgMap = guiCreateStaticImage ( X, Y, g_MapSide, g_MapSide, "map.png", false, wdwMap ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIDoubleClick", imgMap, map, false) end function make() gui() if (wdwMap ~= nil) then guiSetVisible(wdwMap, true) else outputChatBox("Ein Problem mit der GUI besteht, bitte benachrichtige einen Admin") end showCursor(true) guiSetInputEnabled(true) end function map(button, state, relX, relY) px = ((relX*6000 /g_MapSide)-3000) py = (3000 - (relY*6000/g_MapSide)) triggerServerEvent("sp",getLocalPlayer(),px,py) guiSetVisible(wdwMap, false) showCursor(false) guiSetInputEnabled(false) end addCommandHandler("t", make) ServerSide function createmaker(x, y) createMarker ( x,y,13) end addEvent("sp",true) addEventHandler("sp",getRootElement(),createmaker,px,py)
  2. hey @ all my Problem is when i add a column to my dadabase, the ******* error is coming Database query failed near "WHERE: " syntax error -.- executeSQLQuery( "ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN (size) DEFAULT " ) sql.Query( "ALTER TABLE Playercars ADD COLUMN 'bla TEXT' DEFAULT 'none' WHERE Carid = ?", carid ); where is the problem ? pls need help
  3. ok i have solved this problem, i have to write file = xmlLoadFile(":myfoldertwo/Cars/car"..id..".xml") but the console say : ModifyOtherObjects in ACL denied resource myfolder to accses myfoldertwo WTF ?! and how i fixxed it ?
  4. hey i have a problem in my script, i open files in a folder like: file = xmlLoadFile( "cars/car"..id..".xml") the folder is where the script lie the script lies in MTA/SERVER/MODS/DEATHMATCH/RESOURCE/MYFOLDER and the Folder : MTA/SERVER/MODS/DEATHMATCH/RESOURCE/MYFOLDER/CARS omg so in an another script i have written, lie in myfolder. the Code: file = xmlLoadFile( ../myfoldertwo/Cars/car"..id..".xml") so also the script have to change the folder to find the file ind myfoldertwo, but this does not go. i need a little bit help
  5. if i understand you correctly then have you not a meta.xml for your script /map and second if have a script/map an error, you can´t start this map/script. also create the meta.xml for your map and then restart the server
  6. hm you have to use the function guiBringToFront also : ....... RegisterButton = guiCreateButton(229,173,100,36,"Registrieren",false,LoginFenster) guiSetFont(RegisterButton,"default-bold-small") guiBringToFront(LoginFenster) end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), LoginWindow)
  7. nope thats not going if the train outside my screen then stops the train or GTA delete the Train because of the LOD -.-
  8. hm if i create a ped and port it into the tram then i have created a player so hypothetical or not ?! then have to drive the train from ls to SF because the Ped is a Player or not and the train/tram drives because the LOD is under 300units ?!
  9. yes setelementdata i have a car system, and i used setElementData for my carID´s
  10. oh yes right but engineSetModelLODDistance (449, 1000 ) don´t go
  11. hm ok but there is function names engineSetModelLODDistance ( int model, float distance ). It means i can switch the distance from an object or model over 500units or not ?! But when i write engineSetModelLODDistance (449, 1000 ) or Tram1 = createVehicle(449,1794.4580078125, -1953.744140625, 13.546875, 90.476531982422 ) engineSetModelLODDistance (Tram1, 1000 ) "499 = Tram" then say me the Console engineSetModelLODDistance attempt to call global what is wrong?! i need help
  12. hey i searched in the Forum and i read thats the Trains not drive if nobody in it is. is it correctly !? if it´s wrong then is my question, why stops the train after 100meters to drive when i say setTrainSpeed(thetrain,10)
  13. hm sql or the account data from mta, also accounts.xml ? if you use the accounts.xml then you have to write setAccountData(.....) and use the wiki
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