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  1. you can grig it at school (its the same place where you are supposed to learn to speak english PROPERLY btw). alternatively, why not try using the "search" function of this forum ?
  2. the problem you might have is your GFX card being too weak for the GFX settings you have applied in GTASA single player - i have had a similar problem like you running MTA for the first time. I am running on an old NVIDIA GEFORCE5600FX with only 128MB, but MTA is running smooth for me now. The workaround for me was: 1. Start GTA:SA in single player 2. select Options 3. turn down everything related to DETAILand DRAW DISTANCE (in the display menu) to the lowest setting possible. 4. If your GFX card is even older than mine, try to change to a 16 Bit resolution instead of a 32 bit... let me know if that fixes it for you - i think that one other setting could solve your problem but it's already about half a year ago since i started playing DM so i haven't seen the SP options menu for quite some time now
  3. i'd suggest you guys use one of those "coloumn" rocks south-west of the desert airfield as a target area/shooters spawn - they're pretty small at the top and some of them might be really hard to approach with a gta 3 handling dodo...
  4. i'd suggest you guys use one of those "coloumn" rocks south-west of the desert airfield as a target area/shooters spawn - they're pretty small at the top and some of them might be really hard to approach with a gta 3 handling dodo...
  5. now i think you are being a bit unfair with KWK, x16 - there are 3 more ppl on this showroom subforum who made a new topic for every new map / script they completed. None of those threads contains a comment like yours quoted above.
  6. Hello, i would like to have a command for the chat. what it should do is to stop making a player's chat visible to you once you entered the command /ignore [Playername] i think this command has been part of Scooby's PRS for MTA Race 1.1 and i thought it was a quite useful one. It's just handy to be able to ignore ppl who are spamming without an admin having to mute them (well, if the admin console mute even works, that is) or if no admin is on a server. can somebody do this please ?
  7. Wurstfinger

    ultimate map

    it's posts like this that make this forum really entertaining
  8. i agree with toady, turning friendly fire off (as in "stealth" for example) is way more effective than kicking noobs instantly only because they did something wrong one time - running an auto teamkill-kicking script will not help to fill a server
  9. your maps rawk and they contribute freeing tibet
  10. this is a semi-truth: True, MTA doesnt support controllers itself, however there IS a programme you can use with MTA to make your controller work, you can find it here all you need to do is run it, define your controls, save the profile and then start MTA. Note you will have to start your controller profile every time before you start MTA.
  11. you wont be able to create more than 256 objects in an area of 600x600x600.
  12. 2918 does still work in race mode of dm, in the same way it used to work in race 1.1
  13. The IDs you are looking for are 2885-3135 there is also a tool for spawning these like all other objects on the (RACE)map editor - you can find a download link in this thread: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=254928#254928
  14. hi, the ppl you saw customizing their car completely at the click of a button were admins and they used the "upgrade all" button of toady's admin console. you can however use the addupgrade ID command in your console (F8 ingame) and you wont have to type it over and over again: just press the CRSRUP key to bring up your last command and change the ID there
  15. 1. I havent played this on an empty server yet so there were always more than 3 players on when this happened. 2. The Tank never got destroyed - the max health loss i spectated was from 1000% to something around 800%. I think in general, the Rhino Tank is almost impossible to destroy, especially when it's being guarded by a convoy including hunters and hydras. So The bug happened after the army scored the tank and the 2nd round began - the problem is: the 2nd tank spawning in the first tank caused both of them to explode so that round 3 started, all tanks exploded again, round 4 - as above, and then in round 5 eventually 1 tank didnt explode, i drove it to the army camp but it wouldn't score since there were still 4 other tanks at the start...
  16. right, that bug is still there and it does create a laggy mess around the tank spawn from round 10 on. Nice idea tho - should be good fun once you fixed it. Maybe you can do several spawns for the tank spread around the map a bit (like in Brophy's capture the vehicle) which are all just a bit closer for the army to reach than for the grove...
  17. Misterselfdestructs awesome "Changin Lanes" 1 and 2 maps inspired me to this little map here have some screenies:
  18. omgawd im pissing my panties ! did you upload any yet ?
  19. what the hell happened to allah's 1st hajj trial ?
  20. average ? did i hear average ? this is outstanding !
  21. word san, you get the picture if you got a picture
  22. dude this is a good stunt /freeroam map and i had hours of fun playing it on stunt/freeroam servers it's just: this map is soooooooo old now so basically - why dont you create a new one ? there are 3 more airports... you made this map and that's all ? come on !
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