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  1. The MTA center is online... next time check before posting...
  2. Could you send a screenshot from teh exact pier? BEcause there are lots of piers in San Andreas.
  3. Hey! I know one underwater map and that oen is made with boats that spawn underwater and they go up because of gtasa water script thing. So just make a SP udnerwater as i know its not possible anyway else ... PS: I dont think / know there is a water obect.. Srry. Water ain't a object but its a script... I think....
  4. Hi all! Triv already know this (I told him on xfire ) but you all dont: I made file thath makes it possbile to browse these objects in the mapeditor and it contains all the missing objects! It are 250 objects BTW: its 2885-3135 ^-^ View the topic here PS: Sorry for spamming but Im a friend of triv and ive got hes permission and its an usefull file
  5. Hi everyone! As you know the MTA mapeditor misses some models ( 2885-3135 ). Till now you could only use them by adding them by ID, but i made a file that makes it possible to browse them in the mapeditor! It contains some usefull and funny objects Just put the map in MTASA/mods/map_editor/objects For everyone who doesn't understand there is a readme file in it so don't worry ^^. DOWNLOAD HERE
  6. Terminator: Do you mean that saitrs? I don't know exactly but I think I now whereit is i gonna check it and update this post if I know where Onebyte: I don't know I need those lifts to but i can't find them I tell you when I know but maybe i will never know...
  7. With the spawn point editor": http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15796
  8. Cool! i gonna add it to my srever right now
  9. It sounds cool i think i gobba add it to my server but do you have any screens?
  10. It looks very coll i hope we cna play it soon. Is there a freeroam version 2 or obnly a race version?
  11. Hi all! I made a new game mode for MTA SA its looks like cops n robbers but it is a little bit different. In this game mode you have one cargobob/barracks thats has tot deliver 2 packages in a city (checkpoints). The barracks/cargobob is protected by patriots and other police vehicles. The terrorist want to destroy the the pacages inside the truck, they made roadblocks and explosives. Mission objectives: barracks/cargobob: Follow the checkpoints and deliver the packages so fast as possible. police vehicles: Protect the barracks from teh terrorists. terrorists (boxvilles & mesa jeeps): Destroy the truck before its reaches his destination. I made 3 versions of it each on another island in SA: DOWNLOAD:very important package LS DOWNLOAD:very important package SF DOWNLOAD:very important package LV Screenshots and movie coming soon!! Rulez if you wanna make your own very important package map: -Make more terrorists than cops because its very hard to destroy the truck. -DON'T make respawn otherwise there are more trucks in the race. -Make first a cargobob/barracks then a terrorist and then a cop to make even teams. -Don't forget to make roadblocks -Make sure thta onlly the barracks/cargobob can gte the checkpoints. -Mod the map so you don't need any vehhiclechange pickups.
  12. I found it!! thxz man its nr. 748 in the trnsportation >roads bridges and tunnels
  13. Where can i find the bridge of the aircraft carrier I made this: But I need this object:
  14. thxz man! I can finally see the movies and they are soooooooooooooooooo great i can't waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt 2 play them
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