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  1. Oh hi, MSD decided to make a few new maps, nothing spesh, INF39 - Race with Infernus in LV The Specialist 2021 Porschecup 2021 ThunderValley 2021 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AncW5Vc_aPhOgoEWsyD71roNFPHyZQ?e=F27c6r
  2. Thats just a bug in mta.... and 7092...
  3. you can't. the original object is still there, clippable, but the larger object won't be.
  4. ok, goto "current elements" tab. type in name of object and click on it there...
  5. CLick once to select object, then hit F3
  6. delete the editor_dump and editor_test folders, that should do it...if you haven't been able to save the map you were working on first, then rename editor_dump folder to your map name...should hopefully work.
  7. 10562 for grass...but 12814 would probably serve you better...
  8. Welcome people to the last two installments of the Hot Wheels maps by me, MSD...enjoy!! Hot wheels 9 Hot Wheels 10 You can play these maps on our MTA server....looks for Mgc race server in your MTA browser... These (and all my other maps) are available here....https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=4ef8683f57e51677
  9. I have made a few F1 tracks...but I think what you are after is the converted tracks and F1 car models...the SKC race server and website is the place to go and ask about those...and I think [sKC]Csena has a thread on here, so mayne post there and ask...they are pretty cool..thanks for liking my maps too! cheers! mr5elfd3struct
  10. The newest edition of the Hot Wheels maps, this is mighty! Available to play on various servers including MgC, SKC and SiK. Download it from my SkyDrive : https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=4ef8683f ... 77%2111939 (search for Hot Wheels 8 or take any other maps you like) Enjoy!
  11. Delete the editor test and editor dump folders. You can take the contents of editor test out and save them into a new folder if u haven't been able to save ur original map
  12. The finished version of "Hot Wheels 8".....mighty!
  13. Here's a video of Hot Wheels 8. Track is more or less done, just gotta decorate it!
  14. bit late, but, helpful to anyone else with this problem....save the map with a name, re-open it and RACE appears back in resources list.
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