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  1. LooooP

    MTA vs Catalyst

    Fixed, thank you
  2. LooooP

    MTA vs Catalyst

    It runs smoothly
  3. LooooP

    MTA vs Catalyst

    My bad, this is the version which I'm using
  4. LooooP

    MTA vs Catalyst

    I've recently updated my GPU driver to newest version (14.4) and since then MTA became unplayable, while in the Main Menu I have ~33 FPS, when I join FFS Gaming I have 1~2 FPS, when the game loads completely I have 6 FPS Some infos: MTA-SA 1.3.5 r6411 Driver: AMD Catalyst 14.4 GPU: HD7850 CPU: Core i5 2500K Windows 7 x64 * This problem doesn't happens with MTA-SA 1.4 EIR r6305
  5. The sniper scope and the silencer are just objects in the SA world, he is just attaching it to the weapon. As you can see they don't do anything (AK's aim still the same even with the scope)
  6. It's already possible with textures Would be awesome if models too
  7. Done: https://code.google.com/p/mtasa-blue/so ... il?r=5574#
  8. Awesome! I'll be helping with brazilian portuguese as much as I can By the way, any tutorial explaining every function of this tool would be great imo
  9. LooooP

    Fixing gamepad camera

    This is the default SA behaviour, but can be scriptable
  10. Streaming the music is even worse (FFS does it), the best thing would be this: http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=5015 But the interest is 0
  11. LooooP

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Oh God... more RAM won't increase your FPS. You're using an onboard GPU (like me), that's what you'll get with your old PC, deal with it (the best you can do is lower all graphics settings). I'm playing with 15~30 FPS on lowest settings
  12. LooooP

    Remove Object

    Seems like those trucks are only ONE object, so you can't remove only one truck. wtf those scripts D:
  13. addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function () carrosWindow = guiCreateWindow ( 100, 100, 175, 200, "Criador de Carros", false ) carrosList = guiCreateGridList ( 0.05, 0.10, 0.9, 0.7, true, carrosWindow ) column = guiGridListAddColumn ( carrosList, "Carros", 0.85 ) carrosCreate = guiCreateButton ( 05, 170, 85, 45, "Criar", false, carrosWindow ) carrosClose = guiCreateButton ( 110, 170, 50, 45, "Feichar", false, carrosWindow ) guiWindowSetSizable ( carrosWindow, false ) carrosMarker = createMarker ( 1507.860, -1714.509, 13.046, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 250, 110, 100 ) --guiSetVisible( carrosWindow, false ) end) addEventHandler('onClientMarkerHit', root, function(hitPlayer) if source == carrosMarker and hitPlayer == localPlayer and not isPedInVehicle ( localPlayer ) then guiSetVisible ( carrosWindow, true ) showCursor ( true ) end end) Pronto
  14. Not sure, but afaik you should specify if it's server-side or client-side, then it must be like this: "SantaB" type="script" name="RvB" description="RvB" />
  15. Go to MTA IRC, most of time Developers don't pay attention to the forums.
  16. LooooP

    remove it ^_^

    Can I connect to your butt?
  17. No, a new streamer was made in 1.1, but was reverted, so we still using the same streamer of 1.0 However, a better one is really needed
  18. Is it so hard to understand the image? He means vehicle shadows aren't shown over created objects and that it should be.
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