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  1. Not sure, don't have a clue wether it is or not.
  2. Data gets saved into into sql database, it saves the carname when vehicle gets spawned. As in custom name.
  3. BUMP, Still require help with this.
  4. Exactly, I can't see the pickup when I make the interior.
  5. The bindKey code you had at start. You could've placed that in a client-sided file. It could've been the solution.
  6. Nor is ..playername.. , or i might be blind. If its not. You need to define that. That error on empty line 23 should be gone. The local 'player' stuff.
  7. That's not what I ment. What I ment is the for sale icon that shows when the interior is not owned. Those icons only work in ls sf and lv. In the off-map city map i got those icons do not show.
  8. Hi, I've got a map which is located far away from LS, It's out of the map to be more precisely. So when I make an interior, it only shows me the name and owner, the pickup doesn't show up, any way to fix that?
  9. You'll probably have a server without any players. They'll just accuse you of being a newb using some leaked scripts.
  10. Changed the getElementData.
  11. I made an SQL column that shows the Carname, only when I enter this in my script outputChatBox("(( This " ..getElementData(source, "vehName").. " belongs to " .. ownerName .. ". ))", thePlayer, 255, 195, 14) It doesn't show the output, sql named vehName
  12. Yeah.. I figured that out.
  13. Uh, It worked for a moment. When I place more vehicles It only shows on 1 or doesn't show at all. CustomVehicleNames = {[470] = "1993 Hummer H1"} -- Fill with vehicle IDs and custom names CustomVehicleNames = {[411] = "1992 Acura NSX"} Only shows ID 411 470 doesn't show.
  14. Hey! After I got some help with my last resource, I'm now doing stuff with the carshop system> My problem is, I want to let the custom carnames show in the hud, instead of the standard MTA Model, I've tried multiple functions, neither did any of them work. Here's my code localPlayer = getLocalPlayer() function carshop_showInfo(carPrice, taxPrice) local isOverlayDisabled = getElementData(localPlayer, "hud:isOverlayDisabled") if isOverlayDisabled then outputChatBox("") outputChatBox("As you walk by the vehicle, you notice a card in the sidewindow. It reads the following:") --outputChatBox(" --------------------------------------") outputChatBox("| "..getVehicleNameFromModel( getElementModel( source ) ) ) outputChatBox("| Now available for $"..exports.global:formatMoney(carPrice).."!" ) outputChatBox("| Tax costs: $"..tostring(taxPrice) ) --outputChatBox(" --------------------------------------") outputChatBox("Press F or Enter to buy this vehicle") else local content = {} table.insert(content, {"Car Dealership - Paper Sheet", false, false, false, false, false, false, "title"} ) table.insert(content, {" " } ) table.insert(content, {" - MTA Model: "..getVehicleNameFromModel( getElementModel( source ) ) } ) table.insert(content, {" - Custom Model:"}) table.insert(content, {" - " ..getVehicleNameFromModel( getElementModel( source ) ) } ) -- Ment to be used for custom carnames, doesn't work yet. table.insert(content, {" - Price: $"..exports.global:formatMoney(carPrice) } ) table.insert(content, {" - Tax: $"..exports.global:formatMoney(taxPrice) } ) table.insert(content, {"Press 'F' or 'Enter' to purchase!" } ) exports.hud:sendTopRightNotification( content, localPlayer, 240) end end addEvent("carshop:showInfo", true) addEventHandler("carshop:showInfo", getRootElement(), carshop_showInfo)
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