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  1. The problem right now is that it keep applying the shaders for old textures too, i mean that if i was in red team and spawned a hydra it apply the red paintjob and if i left the red team and spawned hydra, it doesnt apply the paintjob(normal) but when i join blue team and spawn hydra, it apply the paintjob for the current hydra and the first spawned hydra that was supposed to stay red, thanks
  2. Doesnt make any difference.. @DNL Yes it is a vehicle element, created by creatVehicle
  3. Hi, Whats wrong with this? I'm trying to apply a paintjob to hydra and if player was in like example 'Blue team' it should apply a paintjob to hydra with the specified texture 'hydrabody256-blue.png' and if i was in another team lets say 'Red team' it should apply a paintjob to hydra with this texture 'hydrabody256-red.png' , It works but it apply the paint job for all hydras except the default hydras, Hope you understand. Client: myShader = dxCreateShader( "hello.fx" ) red = dxCreateTexture("hydrabody256-red.png") blue = dxCreateTexture("hydrabody256-blue.png") addEvent("applyHydraTexture", true) addEventHandler("applyHydraTexture", root, function(vehicle, tex) local thePlayer = source local theVehicle = vehicle if thePlayer and theVehicle then if tex == 'Red' then engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture( myShader, "hydrabody256",getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) ) dxSetShaderValue(myShader, "gTexture", red) elseif tex == 'Blue' then engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture( myShader, "hydrabody256",getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) ) dxSetShaderValue(myShader, "gTexture", blue) end end end ) Server: if vehicleID == 520 and getPlayerTeam(source) then if getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(source)) == 'Red team' then texture = 'Red' elseif getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(source)) == 'Blue team' then texture = 'Blue' end return triggerClientEvent(source, 'applyHydraTexture', source, vehicle, texture) end
  4. Negriukas


    Hello folks, I'm planning to make something with dx functions but i have no idea how to get one thing, I'm trying to draw a text representing where the bullet hits with onClientPlayerWeaponFire and dxDrawText, but i guess onClientPlayerWeaponFire has 6 args (starting positions and ending positions) So is there a way to draw this text on the screen without drawing text in 3D but in screen? Thank you Regards
  5. Negriukas


    To check if bullet hits the player
  6. Negriukas


    Hello is there an event where the fired weapon bullet is defined as source? Thanks in avance
  7. Negriukas


    Let's say i have 20 mod in a folder, txd and dff, which makes them 40 file, I have to spam { 'txd','cars/infernus.txd','411'}, { 'dff','cars/infernus.dff','411'}, { 'txd','cars/name.txd','id'}, { 'dff','cars/name.txd','id'}, { 'txd','cars/name.txd','id'}, { 'dff','cars/name.txd','id'}, all the time? Is there any to get automatically the files from 'cars' folder and insert in a table etc...
  8. Negriukas


    That's what i meant by 'spamming over and over', and it wont help
  9. Negriukas


    Hi, Is it possible to get all a specified folder files and insert them in a table with 3 arguments, {'file type(txd,dff,col)', 'path', id} I'm working on a HTTP Mod Loader and too lazy to spam over and over and over
  10. Is is possible to change original GTA SA projectiles velocity?
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