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  1. Hmmm i shall look at this, but i think its already open... b/c its in the list of servers ect ect
  2. hi, im making a site and i want to let the users know if the server is up through fsockopen but which port do i have to use there? if i use 22003 or 44003 they both will time out... thanks for looking at it.
  3. To the mta team: Are there already maps that will be in the map pack? And can we get a message how far the team is with the map editor? This is not to anoy the mta team but there is a lot of time we didn't here anything from you guys. greetings, convirion
  4. hey lil, i tested it but gues what, if a guy called rob joint, it says that rob has the same ip as rob so he ll be kicked...
  5. Thanks for the fast reply, ill test it out byebye
  6. Hi all, I Tryed to scripts a double ip kicker but I couln't make a start. Script: Onjoin: When someone joins: Check if the ip is already in the server yes: kick the one that joined. no: dont kick him. hope you guys understand what I mean.
  7. Thank you lil toady, i didn't get it worked with if for some reason...
  8. I have now something like this: if ($mta.server($1).players > $readini($scriptdir $+ recordplayers.ini,PLAYERS,players)) { mta.text $1 We have a new record! !writeini -n " $+ $scriptdir $+ recordplayers.ini" PLAYERS players $calc(players+1) } I want something like this: if the record is 20 players and there are 20 players in the server and someone joins the server so the record becomes 21 it need to show "We have a new record!" and it need to write to the file so in the file players=21 Hope someone can help me out
  9. hi, i'm trying to make a script like this: each time someone joins it does: players+1 so if player 1 joins it does 0+1 and if player 2 joins it does 1 +2 hope you guys understant what i mean. so how can i make it this way: !writeini -n " $+ $scriptdir $+ players.ini" PLAYERS players +1 thanks for looking at it.
  10. yeah ok, it's possible with scripting. but i think it would be nice if it's in each server (or if it's disabled) becose not every server has scripts
  11. Is in the mta:dm version possible to do a vote kick? else can you guys build it in? It can be very handy to use if there is no admin in the server. Conv-
  12. I'm going to test it out, looks very handy
  13. yeah how? else you can test your maps on SA-MP... but are the maps the same or not?
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