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  1. I got the new MTA 1.1 my GTA:SA is still 1.0 Only mod I have is a draw distance mod. Which was working on 1.0
  2. ARGH!!! I've tried multiple servers. I tried turning off my norton firewall. Still nothing!
  3. I donno why it is freaking out. I just had to find the IP of my Mail Server and allow that so that it would download! I'm betting when I was trying to get my 360 to work I bet a changed something and now the PC part is being weird!
  4. My Norton is being stupid so I have to manually allow new items and whats the IP it talks with to get the server list? Thanks! For right now i have to disable my firewall to even play!
  5. Error looks like that I lauched the game. Then I hit the server list. Norton poped up a message asking if I wanted to allow it. I said allow. It tried accessing the server. And said it couldn't get server list. So I hit quit . Then the game froze. So I force quit it. Then when I try and reopen it I get that report error screen. I tried reinstall MTA:SA and it still doesn't fix it. So I had to restore my PC back to before I installed MTA and then for right now I have to disable norton completly to even play it.
  6. yeah that sounds like an awsome idea!
  7. I have a 3ghz P4 Capacity 67.0GB Used: 47.2GB Free: 19.7GB
  8. Before you release it? That way we can all run Disk Defragmenter and stuff so we don't have any lag. Cause I don't wanna install it, then when I go and play it have it be laggy. Thanks. Like saying "sometime this week we will be releasing it. We will be uploading it to different sites now and then when we release we will have all the mirrors up" or something like that.
  9. Ok... Since you guys are closer to release date. Do you have any new info about will it work with this?
  10. WTF dude! NOOB! That means you have a LAN card. Your card can support up to 100mbit. But your connect doesn't go that fast! Like I have MCHSI with there 3mbit down. So I only get that even though it says i'm connected at 100mbit! Speakeasy - Speed Test Here is what I get...
  11. 10 days without an update. They must be some serious testing.
  12. I mean that the webite would be auto-updated with all the info.
  13. I never knew about the Dogfight mode.. Cool!
  14. I know in MTA 0.5 you guys added it so you could see where everyone was on the map! Well I think it would be cool if you could go to ther website of the server and it would show info about what the most popular race was. Maybe what it looked like. And also info about the last couple races like who won and how long it took. Somewhere there is a website that does it for the single player. Can't find it now. I will post it once i do!
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