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  1. No kidding, I've moved like, 3 times since the last message. Hit me up in an email, I'd tell you to MSN me but I use that once every 2 weeks.
  2. Fuck dude, 3 years pass and I still get a notification from these boards. o,o DA FUCK IS UP WIT CHU, MANG?!
  3. Hey Boss! Life's kinda hard right now... but I'm like a roach man, I'm still around.
  4. Sweet Jesus, we're all coming out of retirement!
  5. I believe we have a stapler. Yeah, this other LVG, a member of theirs started telling me to change my clan tag since his clan had been around since May... even though ours has been around since Feburary.
  6. You miss my madd molo/nade skillz, yo. Don't wanna arse myself with making a new account and can't seem to fix my name, so the FKU tag's gonna stay... kinda show my gaming roots, too.
  7. Holy shit! I forgot Rob enlisted me way back when! I gotta sport the tag! I'm set to go, despite a shitty v-card.
  8. I'll be go to hell, my account's still here... I remember Braddock, he seemed nice enough. Completely pointless post ftw.
  9. From what I've seen, MTA's probably the easiest game to monitor hackers on as an admin, so long as you can tell the difference between glitches and hacks. Umm... tetris? I had Tetrinet 2, played with my girlfriend and a friend, and in one game someone was hacking, custom blocks or attacks, can't remember.
  10. Between the two, I gotta vote with peds, cuz even with all the customization you can do on CJ, in the end everyone'd be looking almost the same. Besides, it'd be neat to see Zero actually try to kick ass. Try.
  11. Simple, just change it to a brake test, whoever stops closest to the edge without flying to their doom wins.
  12. VVolven killed MAD_BOY (completely unrelated "yo momma" joke)
  13. Maybe some minimum requirments, such as 10 members, site, and a average post count a day or been around so many days?
  14. I like the 40 page rule, as most the well-known gangs get a lot of garbage spam (drama, general idiocy), but it'd be nice to not have to search for established gangs' threads (KFC, ULK, FMJ and the like), particularly if they have an inactive posting period.
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