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  1. just a lil hint: spy/adware is something completely different than a normal ad(!) If you'd prefer it, say Draco he should make a visible popup, which always pop up when you start the program. And don't complain - if you don't want to play it - then don't play it. I didn't play this LAN version, but the Internet version and it worked very well. Proverb: Don't look into the muzzle of a given donkey.
  2. I've never heard about some1 who has problems after installing 1.1. But I heard often abbout people which had problems with 1.0 but not more with 1.1.
  3. GtaT 0.2 is out Check http://www.gtat-playing.de.vu
  4. http://mitglied.lycos.de/phptesting/ Some new pics - made while betatesting
  5. And what will be with the people who can't play without 1.1? 1.0 uses afaik other memory addresses than 1.1 - that means everybody can(should) play with 1.1 but not everybody can play with 1.0. And 2mb are not the world!
  6. Have you 1.0 ? You need ViceCity 1.1
  7. Are the cookies activated? PS: GTA3T IS NOT A FAKE
  8. I have another idea. You can play this game all-vs-all or in teams. Everybody has a motorcycle. They have to crash each other so, that the other falls (+1point[to team]). If both falls they'll both respawn and nobody gets a point. If someone get out of the playzone, he has 10secs to return or he'll die (like BF1942) €: What? I haven't knew that I can make stickys )
  9. I'd say its a X. Maybe its the energy of someone else? €: Or ping?
  10. I would help you if I could... I can't GTA Script and I can't 3D Programms to design the heli...
  11. Without learning HTML it would be very hard 2 create good sites Mostly, I use the Notepad, cuz I've just 2 change something... But html isn't difficult. Only if u want to learn php or js you'll need time..
  12. Hmm I'd say: If you have a bit HTMLKnowledge: Macromedia Dreamweaver. Else: First try a bit with Word, Frontpage or Dreamweaver (Grafical Mode)
  13. the magazine is from march. I found this article only with luck Here is a online link: http://www.pcgames.de/?article_id=137580 But for this, you can use a online translator
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