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  1. Also, can you tell me how long a piece of string it please? I really need to know
  2. Have you registered it with Regsvr32? FM20.dll is Microsoft Forms 2.0, a really basic dll that everyone should have.
  3. Don't know where it is, but if you look through the other stunt arena stuff and look at the numbers, there is a gap. Go back to select object by ID and punch in that missing number
  4. I meant the message goes after 5 seconds. So if you're sitting there eating and spectating you don't have the message up all the time. Especially annoying if you were spectating to vid-cap
  5. Personally I think that respawn should be purely to stop boredom, you shouldn't be a contender. There are exceptions, like DDs, but generally. I would like a Ghost Car option, so respawns are only semi-transparrent and don't count in the race order
  6. Or maybe when your respawn countdown drops to 0 is then says "Press R to Respawn", which disappears after 5 seconds
  7. 3 of us have the blunt and no problems, so it's probably not connected
  8. BTW, I and two other players in my clan have got the CJ smoking thing, but are not getting crashes, so they seem to not be linked
  9. No, it won't mean that. I'm guessing it means fixing the issues with other players in odd positions on bikes and in Banditos, etc.
  10. What is that? Great news guys, can't wait.
  11. You mean Numa Numa. He started it all, he must be so proud
  12. Use it for the loops then. That will cut down the object count still and give you freedom elsewhere
  13. I understand that, but all 4 were in the same night. Did you get the maps I sent you? Dirt Balls will need something correcting, but I'll send you that when I have done it
  14. Superbeo. Well done everyone
  15. It looks like you've used flat pieces of road for the loop. You should be able to reduce the object count by using a road object with a natural up-curve to it. I'll let you know if I find a suitable piece
  16. Email sent I seem to have lost a silver medal on the table
  17. That's nuts! Looks fun though. Will try to find a server to play it on when you upload it
  18. And a "precise" button would be great. The opposite of Shift, I'd suggest Control, moves the piece in smaller increments to allow more precise alignment
  19. 9 years and still a petrolhead. I believe the passion for driving is linked to the passion for your car
  20. Just imagine your boss saying that, and then put it through the normal bullshit translator you use at work and it should make sense. It's a great movie, and so so true
  21. Hey Mjomble, whaaaaaat's happenin'? Um yeah, I'm gonn need you to come in the Saaaturday to work on that. K? Mmm?
  22. It's ugly and functional. I've written another program to help with map making which I haven't released. If I build a small collection I may make a bigger, more refined utility
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