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  1. Hey folks, Just excited that a release has been made. This is certainly a landmark of epic software hacking. I want to serious commend each and everyone one of the developers on this project. The historical and future implications of it are yet to be known, but I'm sure that a huge an effort as this will send tidalwaves through the industry and perhaps enlighten corp. execs stuck on a deranged philosophy of crippled, inbred, exclusive software. We'll be damned if you don't tell us how we should play our games. Enough ranting... but seriously, I can't wait to jump on in. (once the serial generator is up) Congratulations, folks. You deserve some good champagne... where's that PayPal button.....
  2. you guys are so dumb, he was using "2pac" as a metaphor for any possible cheaters' idname. and this isn't high school, this is an online forum, where all sorts of people can share and interact ideas.
  3. yeah, i remember that mission too... i think all they did for that one is do what MTA is doing anyways, "gluing" the actors to the vehicles and allowing them to do anything you would normally do standing up to be done while being "stuck" to the vehicle's surface. I guess I don't really have a problem with rocket launchers from this sort of setup, as from the back of a bobcat, you would be able to do anything you could normally; this would call for some incredible fights out in the forests and deserts too.
  4. all weapons that require one hand should be able to be used by a driver, that includes the colt, desert eagle, tec9 and smg, as well as the sawed off shotgun, but not any weapons that use two hands, i.e. combat shotgun, ak47; however, it should be possible for passengers in the car to use these weapons as there would be not reason not to if the rate of fire is drastically reduced and the aim is manual. however, rocket launchers should probably not be allowed, though i would imagine one wrong aim and the car would blow up anyways.
  5. why wouldn't you just play single player? though I would enjoy a sort of stored data on rpg servers for player's stats, car, and current weapons, so when rejoining, you don't have to work all the way back up.
  6. I dunno man. I feel like I just got a letter from Togo saying that they need my bank account number to deposit $4million American because my relative, John Allen, has died in a horrible plane crash.....................
  7. it's most frustrating when you join a server and try to get help on the commands availible for that server. a scroll lock/scroll toggle would be very nice indeed.
  8. I just had the idea as I was playing some chess at yahoo games, why couldn't we setup specific servers dedicated to beginner, intermediate and advanced players, perhaps introduce a scoring system similar to yahoo to rank players and allow beginners a fighting chance, that would also probably take away a few temptations to cheat or complain about not being able to use the joystick or whatever else beginners will complain about, and it would give the advanced players the oppurtunity to play agaisnt players just as talented as them, allowing them to further their skills without being bored with "noobs". What do you think about this? Give me some input.
  9. well, really, you're talking about one aspect of DM, the really fast no-strategy type where people aimlessly shoot at one another. RPG is another faction of players that others aren't going to find an appeal to. Personally, I'm a fan of TDM, whether on the large Red vs. Blue idea or many different groups. But I'm sure there will be dedicated servers to other takes on DM, and as we all know that players all play for different reasons, I know that others are going to want to play more stretched out games to have goals to work towards.
  10. of course, the other side of the argument is going to be from people that have been banned from servers who do not cheat, either the admin made a mistake or someone else lied about them, whatever the reason, a few innocent players will most likely get banned accidentally.
  11. this is a stupid topic. GTA isn't real at all. do you actually think people could really be shot several times and still be running around? or when you fly a car off a cliff and it hits it's nose on the ground that it would just bounce back and you could keep driving? hell no! this game ISN"T REALISTIC. it's a game. get over it. i like the mouse-controlled aim idea in driveby, it will make play fair unlike in SAMP right now.
  12. motivations aside, cheat on single player if you want, but leave that crap off servers.
  13. i suppose you're right about that, it is something that really boils down to how the induvidual player wishes to act. And I'm sure it's a very complicated issue to resolve, but I guess I'm just still frustrated at the reasoning of this people. But perhaps I'm not enlightened enough just to ignore them and try to enjoy the game without them, but it really kills the enjoyment of the game for me. It's no fun when you know your opponent is basically God and can kill you with one hit. I have had success in dealing with it more and more in SAMP, in larger areas, I just go away from the cheaters as much as possible, and advise all other players to not interact with them as well, I figure if they don't have anyone to play with, they'll get bored eventually and just either leave or stop using cheats. This has worked at least twice, the cheater, not having any interaction with other players except them running from them gets tired of it and eventually leaves. Perhaps this psycological anticheat could be variably adopted in large servers via player communication, but nothing beats an Admin with a /ban.
  14. let me just say that i hope MTA will deal much more sufficiently with this problem that SAMP has lacked in doing. Cheating is boring. Why would you want to play with cheats anyways? As for the rest of us that enjoy using actual skill to play, it really just makes us want to not play the online console at all. Seriously, what's up with it? Why do they think that's fun?
  15. =============================================== (THIS IS THE ONE I REALLY PREFER:) 1. I would give MTA a million dollars (if I was rich) if they could implement personalized character models for DM. I see you have set up a profile page on the multiplayer client, it would be quite pleasing to me to be able to select from the over 200 some-odd models GTA:SA uses. Aside from The standard CJ model, which I wouldn't mind removing for the chance to play as that random weed smoker in the ghetto. I personally would like to see more than just a thousand police models or swat team models or "robbers". It would be more engrossing and more advantageous of the multi-player ability. I mean, I want to fight the swap models, I'll just play single player and blow up some cars. =============================================== 2. I forward the motion to have a mode that turns off the radar when players get closer to you. How close would be hard to determine, but it makes it too easy sometimes to always know the locations of every other player. 3. I would rather enjoy a mode of DM that involved boats, where one player would steer the boat and as many players as could fit would remain on the boat to battle agaisnt other floating vehicles. 4. Similar to the boat DM, it would be nice to have the usual king of the hill (claim a checkpoint pickup and try to prevent other teams/players from touching it) and manhunt (one man escapes the pursuit of many)
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