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    Rolig nu, tard
  2. MrCeoZ


    GL... Din lorte dansker
  3. lol : P i think we got some more.. XE, mfS, TLR, SoL and some PCP ?
  4. Maybe your right, but in these 1vX situations mta getting boring.. The attacker is just waiting for the defender to attack, wich never happends.. edit: maybe a rule, if your alone you cant pickup any hp/armor/ammo I guess 50% or more of the MTA Community having bad pcs, or dont know anything about fps/hz.. I personally cant play with 30fps(FL=ON) cus of my eyes.. And i will not be playing MTA if theres gonna be a FL=ON rule..
  5. the only thing we need is a TIMELIMIT.. like 15mins for the attackers then everything would be good..
  6. 100fps ... 30/60 fps is killing the gameplay too slow
  7. i understand that and pals, me and tom are in!!!
  8. iam on irc 24/7 ready for fight
  9. MS - LDK 3-0 Good game and fair match..
  10. gg edit: XE vs -pT- 3-0 to XE, gg
  11. he allready know hes not good to english, so what its gonna help?
  12. MrCeoZ

    Its not impossible!!

    k thanks for telling me
  13. like i said on our own forum, our server have been crashed many times too. So im almost 100% sure its not someone from XE
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