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  1. Yeah, 15 cars in the sand is probably a record. My record on pavement (the Starfish Island road, to be specific) is about 20, including a few helicopters.
  2. MTA works on Longhorn, eh? Glad to hear it.
  3. Heh, you can always block that person's IP in your firewall if you have to...
  4. Too bad you can't create accounts on servers in MTA, so if someone wants to join they have to contact the server admin for a username and password. then if they cheat, you can just delete their account.
  5. Cyfun


    What the heck are you guys talking about?! If MTA were to include AI peds of any kind, we would want them to be synced. "Why," you ask? Think of it this way: you and another guy are both on foot and in a firefight. On your screen you have a shitload of peds between you and him, but he doesn't see any peds between him and you. So your shots at him are absorbed by peds, but his shots hit you.
  6. the MTA team doesnt even need to do any programming, either. they just need to talk to the programmers for ASE and get them to put an option in to automatically launch the TS client if a server is running it.
  7. if a 3rd party voice communication system is going to be used, then it should be teamspeak instead of rodger wilco.
  8. ROFLMAO Please, please, nobody answer him!
  9. Oh hell, theres alt+tabbing involved?! Crap, I'm in trouble. Vice City and GTA3 lock up 50% of the time when I alt+tab out of them, and it usually precedes a BSOD too. Don't worry, I blame ATI.
  10. What about when a car flips over? Will it just sit there for the rest of the game?
  11. What about when a car flips over? Will it just sit there for the rest of the game?
  12. Weather and time sync is easy to program, though. I'd be surprised if they weren't in 0.3.
  13. For one thing, ASE lets you do a helluva lot in the trial version. All you have to do is click the "No, I'm going to be a bastard for at least a little longer" button every week and you get access to everything except a few features in the player searching and slower refreshing of the scanner. For another thing, you only have to dish out $10 for a whole goddam year with not only no nag screens, but the abilities to search player names in tons of games, scan and ping hundreds of servers in mere seconds, and maintain a buddy list of all your friends and where they're playing!
  14. Waaah, they get to play and we don't! Its not fair!!! Oh, wait, I guess its entirely fair.
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