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Ok, after spending most of my time on this forum in the HELP AREA, I have decided to make this post which should answer most common questions.

Here you will find solutions to most common issues with MTA.

Q: How can I use !sun and !rain and !kick on my server?

A: With a script loaded through Aerons 3rd party administration tool, MTA:mA. The most popular script to use is Oli's GRS (General Release Script). It is free of charge, and is full of common features to help you admin your server.

Q: When I start a server, nobody can connect to it except me!

A: Make sure you set up port forwarding through your router and/or firewall. The default game port is 2003, admin port is 4003 and ASE query port (not required) is game port + 123 (so 2126 if you are on default game port).

Q: When I enter game, I don't see anyone, but the server is full!

A: Make sure you are running Windows 2000 or XP. MTA doesn't work with older versions of Windows, and users have reported having trouble running it on Linux under WINE.

Q: Why do I timeout when I join some servers?

A: This can be caused by the script that is being run on the server sending you too many PM's on the $mta.join signal, causing your client to timeout or crash. Aeron and Oli, along with other script makers are working on fixes to this.

Q: I got unfairly unbanned from a server, can you unban me?

A: The MTA team has ABSOLUTELY NO POWER over any servers other than their own official ones, and can do nothing for you. The best option would be to contact the owner of the server which you were banned from, or maybe the person who banned you.

Q: Am I allowed to cheat or use my GTA modifications in MTA?

A: Quoted directly from the End User Licence Agreement which you agree to when you install MTA:

2. You are not allowed to alter any binaries or libraries that came with the software. This includes, but is not limited to reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling and hex editing. An exception can be made for educational purposes although this requires a new license which has to be requested to and approved by the MTA team or when such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation

*Note: You are not required to accept this License, since you have not signed it (not accepting means you are not allowed to install/use MTA). However, nothing else grants you permission to modify the program. These actions are prohibited by law.

3. Using this software together with other GTA3/GTA:VC modifications is prohibited by this EULA. This is not a cause for termination of the license but can result in further actions taken by the team or other licensees.

Q: I just got GTAIII/GTAVC and installed MTA, and when I try to load the game, it crashes every time.

A: You need to run the game once in single player WITHOUT MTA before it will function with MTA.

Q: I can't use Xfire with MTA.

A: Live with it. There are several voice communication programs which you can run alongside MTA, one of these which is TeamSpeak. Public servers can be found at the following addresses: (UK)

teamspeak.worldgamerz.com:8774 (USA).

More solutions will be added to other common questions when they arise ;)

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