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How to block specific weapons in freeroam?


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10 hours ago, sami2277 said:

i am using default freeroam..

Then simply block it in resource settings (meta.xml or adminpanel select resources > freeroam ''settings'')

it allows you to block weapons by ID.

As this is more of a resource (gamemode) question, moving to Resources + title clarification

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24 minutes ago, sami2277 said:

any script or code is there to block weapon.....

Simple way is download resources from community name-forbidweapons after download open it and u see lua file open it add the weapons id u need to block and save it and upload in ur server then run it now RPG,min gun.will not work for players for admin u can spawn by panel

Another method:

Make a copy of freeroam/weapons lua in another drive so that in case u need to add again weapons in free roam u can add

Open folder of MTA/redirect to free roam /weapons.lua open this weapons lua and look for the weapons u need to block (remove) delete that whole line of id of weapon like minigun remove that whole line id of minigun !and save it and start freeroam now u can see minigun ,ak47,RPG are not visible in freeroam for admin u can spawn mini gun ..from p panel !!

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