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New Dynamic Image For MTA Stats (not the game-monitor one)

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I Made This Today, Its A PHP Script, and it reads as a dir!

it gets Kills, and game mode from GRS, and then server name, and players from Game-Monitor, it uses regex to get this info.


http://tony-b.net/sig/stat.png/(server w/ port).png



(offical VC DM Server)

^^^ There Is Example! ^^^^^

Expect Me To Add More Features Over Time.

Hope You Like It :D

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Im afraid I dont :/ Clever stuff making it but the design is a little poor. With the lack of a graph, unbalanced layout and predominance of large advertising icons.

The default gamemonitor one is nicer on the eye for sure.

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well, i can make these sigs with stats pretty easy now, as i have made the php includes, which contain the actual code that gets the stats, so i guess more wouldn't be so hard to do.


^^seeing if mta:// links work on phpbb (had to make php script read as dir and end in .png, so phpbb can be pretty mean)

note to self: GET MTA: mA ON SERVER (keeps timing out... hmm)

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