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and why not? - i loved getting screens for the forums, and 0.2a beat the hell out of 0.1a for sure, I mean, you actually had more than an 10% chance of getting it to run =P

Ill miss 0.2, and how cars spontaneously combusted, or how I used to get run over, trying to get that perfect shot.

But anyway, I have backups of 0.1a and 0.2a so I can go back and play em if needed ;-P

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I agree with MAyHeM... 0.2 looked laggy even when it wasnt... just didnt have the GTA 3 "feel" to it..

Also I actually never managed to get it to work for more than about 2mins.. then it crashed.... With style i admit! I had never seen my computer crash so amazingly well before 0.2a!

Simon Mansfield

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