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I thought that i would start this as a place for gangs to meet in a safe environment. only in-game talk here please. wanna try to give it the GTA feel so we can have a little more substance in the game. the first order of business is turf. We should decide who controlls what in the game (if we can.) please only post if Gang leader or a high ranking gang member.

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hmm, I myself, think personnaly that, since the max number of players on a server is 34 32 or something, that clans should have their own server, maybe share with another? 2 clans in one server, becaus ehave EVERY clan on a 34 server, well tnot going to be too much room, so maybe 2 3 clans on one server? I think that because to many blasta members (a few anyway) are in the OMG clan that we should share our server, and tournament wise, we would have to find out how many people vs how many, but yeah, I myself would like to call the whole dock on portland, if we do decide on a single server for the time being) so think about it.

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can always try to mini gang fights. with 4 gangs on a server with each gang having only 8 members on the server. I know eight people ain't all that much but it could still be fun. I would like to stake a claim in the Cartel Mansion and the housing on its block.

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A turf concept seems awkward considering the map will probably give us a random area to start in

But if i had to choose ill pick the the dam area in shoreside vale with all those swank houses ;-) - all clASS =P

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well i claim the pantlantic constructio site +the building and uhhh




tunnels by 8-balls, and the airport, and the Mr. Whoopee is my car

SO BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like how the dodo handle in VC but using the helicopter is a little more tricky on the PC, well at least it is for me. had to do a little sacrificing with the keys when i finialy found a way to get it so that i could controll it better. think that they could have done a better job with the controls. are they gonna keep any dodo's in .3 or just leave them out?

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How about a turf map? i'll update it as more turf is taken

BLASTA already has about 30% of the city even without going on the postcount thing, so i'll leave the postcount one out


Green is Mikiro's Gang, Red is B.L.A.S.T.A. turf, and blue is SSS

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