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Other News for GTA World Online .....

We works on a website , please w8.......

Syntax and RedSpike begin working on GTA VC Multiplayer coding with some good results :D

The Master Server for GTA World Online is in alpha-testing...

You can try a pre-alpha version of GTA World Online but it has no GTA Multiplayer Support Now . It's just a preview :wink:


Thanks to say what do u think about this interface :?:

GamePlay : It's just beginning :wink:

Memory Coding : It's just beginning :wink:

GUI Interface : 70%

GTA III Support : w8 for MTA 0.3b

GTA Vice City Support : ask to RedSpike or Syntax

Client/Server Communication : 90%

Master Server Support : 25%

A screenshot of GTA III World Online :wink:


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k well its all coming togther

the next stage now we have sussed vc is to make mp that is compatible with gta3 and vc so that it will work on gtawo

but it is going fast because we have a gr8 team who is 100% dedicated

and r working gr8

also the site should be done today or tomarrow

check this pick out it is us testin our mp method on vice city

notice peds aswell

eney ways this is a old pic frm last sunday i will post some new 1 soon


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