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partyserver admin is shit


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i felt like playing before i went to school, so i did. of course i had these 3 noobs (chronic puncher and chaos) trying to team on me, so i was running around trying to avoid chronics helicopter blades (which werent spinning) and then also fighting with chaos and being carnoobed at the same time. well i killed chaos, and then chronics heli caught fire so he bailed and chased me, when i turned around and killed him with stubby he kicked me.

[FKU]Jani` killed [KFC]Chronic. (Stubby Shotgun)

[KFC]Chronic: !kick 1 pausing

<'[FKU]Jani`' is kicked by admin '[KFC]Chronic': pausing>

Disconnected: You have been kicked. (Delay = 10 sec)

laugh, i didnt realise killing admins was against the rules (well i didnt see it in the MOTD) so i rejoined, just to get constantly spawnkilled by chaos and chronic (which i thought was in the rules). well this is a perfect example of a hipocrite, apparently I dont know how to run a server, yet im not the admin that goes around making an example by spawnkilling. i do have a video, but i gotta compress it first and then find a host. chronic even said that "hes a modder" and "keep on spawnkilling him". check the logs if you want.

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We were spawnkilling you because you're Jani.

whats up with that?

i picked off Jani with the heli blades, he clearly paused to avoid being chopped up because he just bounced off the blades and was tossed in the air a bit,

that is shaky, cus when you got the heli, on your screen blades where spinning on his, might not. To answer that we need thoese Fraps .....

And, aren't you suppose to warn player first, then if he does it again kick him?

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noob admins demonstrating the rules.

Most, and I'm starting to suspect all of KFC are stubby noobing/glitching, spawnkilling, admin-abusing hypocrites. Sometimes they even use mods and cheats (despite what they say. *cough* oh excuse me, they're glitches that no one else in the world seems to know *cough* r33dh4m).

Where have you been?

It's too bad they run Partyserver and that Partyserver's pretty much only the place to play, cuz we have to put up with the lamers, if we want to get any MTA action.

It'd be nice if there were another fast server around that had at least 6-10 people and admins that 1.) had a clue about admining, 2.) didn't act like 13 year olds (granted, they probably are 13 year olds), and 3.) learned how to use iptables, so they could setup firewall rules that would ban all these lame cheaters and crashers, by analyzing packet signatures.

Anyhow. Yeah, KFC is lame.

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Jani you make a big deal outta anything. He could of made a mistake and thought you paused. Just get back ingame and dont post on forums whining like a little baby all the time.

1) i own you

2) stfu

3) he didnt make a mistake, he kicked me because hes an ass

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