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  1. The single player game yes. If people want everything as close to single player as possible then we would of course have to give you, the player, similar hitpoints to an NPC to reflect this, meaning 2 colt 45 shots would kill you. MTA Instagib anyone? Oh my god that would rock. Please do! Or at least offer it as an option
  2. Most, and I'm starting to suspect all of KFC are stubby noobing/glitching, spawnkilling, admin-abusing hypocrites. Sometimes they even use mods and cheats (despite what they say. *cough* oh excuse me, they're glitches that no one else in the world seems to know *cough* r33dh4m). Where have you been? It's too bad they run Partyserver and that Partyserver's pretty much only the place to play, cuz we have to put up with the lamers, if we want to get any MTA action. It'd be nice if there were another fast server around that had at least 6-10 people and admins that 1.) had a clue about admining, 2.) didn't act like 13 year olds (granted, they probably are 13 year olds), and 3.) learned how to use iptables, so they could setup firewall rules that would ban all these lame cheaters and crashers, by analyzing packet signatures. Anyhow. Yeah, KFC is lame.
  3. I dunno, maybe you should let the other [MT] guys know, because he sure seemed like an MT member to me. Cheats can be turned off. Cheaters can be killed, or perhaps just plain suckage? I dunno, you tell me. BTW, you should have said "How come we lose matches, then?". Wah wah wah, suck it. If you don't like the complaints, get rid of your cheaters. Otherwise, STFU.
  4. I'm going to have to confirm this topic's starter. [MT] does some heavy cheating. I was there to observe the mess that Myth is describing. Last night on partyserver, specifically, [MT]S.Snake (who I assume is SolidSnake) was just blatantly using speed hacks. I've seen other members routinely using the "jetpack" or whatever it is that allows them to "jump" up onto rooftops. To whoever said there are two [MT] clans, I dunno. I've never seen a "Second" MT clan, I've just seen one. This clan that was cheating last night had [MT]URMOMMA and [MT]Patrick as fellow members. Seems like there was one other, too. Cheaters make the game pretty lame with their antics.
  5. You need to turn off the MTV/BET bullshit and open your ass up a book and start studying before you criticize anyone for their intelligence. Literally every one of your postings contains some not-just-typo'd grammatical/spelling error. Oh and fuck off with your racist shit. Because if you are in fact black, you're doing black people some serious injustice. Learn to communicate in proper English before you start trashing others.
  6. Time to get off the computer and get outside more, I say. Aren't there less lame things to debate? Go outside, ride a bike, don't take it so seriously.
  7. Thanks Bump and crew for the enormously fun waste of life and S.O. relationship stresser that is MTA.
  8. Actually, I get griped at for car killing a lot, and I get out and shoot people plenty, although I get accused to the contrary quite often. I know that not being able to pick up the deceased's weapons would largely negate the usefulness of car-killing for me, other than for the sole purpose of pissing someone off, which rarely appeals to me. PS: I'm getting to be a killer pilot with the dodo philth
  9. No, it's quite worth it, as you can get their weapons once they're dead. Car killing for ammo is much easier than earning cash to buy it. I think that most people who play MTA, don't play it for points or status, they just want to have fun and kill things.
  10. It's not n00bish at all. The game is CALLED "multi theft AUTO". If killing people with cars is n00bish, so is using any weapons aside from fists. This isn't The Sims, if you don't like getting killed by cars, I suggest you go play the VC version, and alleviate the rest of us from your whining. And if you're going to whine about it, at least don't whine while you're car-killing people and making yourself look like a huge hypocrite *cough* KFC people *cough*. Don't mean to flame, but c'mon!
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