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eAi's spawn tool - vctport.exe


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i am looking for this tool that lets you spawn anywhere you want in Vice City 1.0 single player. how it works is you run this program, open vice city, press F6 to save the location you're in, then press F8 to choose which saved locations you want to spawn at.

i had it but the folder its in got deleted. does anyone know a link to this file or can send it to me? thanks in advance.

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Forgot I made that tool ;) Neat isn't it? :)

its awesome and you made it in no time, i was still telling you what features should be in as you already uploaded the first version :P

im mostly using it for risky stunts (some that can get ya killed at first try) or roof to rail jumps... :)

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Hmmm, never knew that. I woulda used it :S

I had to make my own (basically the exact same) but I coded it into the scm. It was to test my stunt ramps much quicker (combined with PCJ600 spawn button).

You could do the same thing in scm, as the scm can't save files.
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