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All Those Who Need Mapper! Check here


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Hello dear MTA:SA users, I m Rudransh and i am with this community since 2011. Well i have been mapping since a long time and i have also worked on many projects.

Well as many of the players need mappers for their server/community or they just want few maps. Guys as i am a mapper and i am willing to work for projects/players of MTA:SA now permanently for a fair price according to the map they want. Till now i didn't worked alot, i mean i just made maps for the players who PMed me here or contacted me on facebook. So if you want me to make map's for you feel free to PM me here and contact me on FACEBOOK, i will do it for you at a fair price.

Well before you can start with me, ofcourse you would like to see my works, so here are some of my works:

Custom City: http://imgur.com/a/s5qoZ#0

Swat Strike (Team DeathMatch):- http://imgur.com/a/dUWHj

Hope you like it :)

Well i basically make few types of game mode's maps. I map for:- Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the CHeckpoint, Base maps for RPG server's and all, Stealth maps and small islands or cities i can map races but not so professionally. So as i said i will do it for a fair price, just contact me here or on facebook. I can assure you that you all will surely like my work :)

Here are my forums where you can ask me for maps:- http://rudransh-mappings.boards.net/

Well the main reason behind that why i want to make maps now for a fair price is my family's financial problems. My Dad lost his job few months back and joined a job with very low price. So i need 2 get money. Hope you all want me to get your mapped.

FACEBOOK:- [email protected]

Here are my forums where you can ask me for maps:- http://rudransh-mappings.boards.net/

NOTE:- whenver u contact me on facebook just send me a msg that you want me to make a map for you.



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