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  1. FuriouZ

    Creator areas

    Water creating should be also this easy
  2. You should make a proper weather system! With a better rain. Also "wet cars" like in NFS Rivals. You got dem skills
  3. Here ya go: <removeWorldObject id="removeWorldObject (bush03_lvs) (1)" radius="16.585335" interior="0" model="8623" lodModel="8623" posX="2093.7" posY="1553.6" posZ="10.6" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></removeWorldObject>
  4. FuriouZ


    It is not possible with rectangle, you need to use DxDrawImage for that.
  5. FuriouZ

    Disable grass

    Here you go, tested, works fine. I don't know, if there's more than just a one grass texture, but in San Fierro train station it works fine. http://www.upload.ee/files/4873725/nograss.zip.html
  6. FuriouZ

    Help background

    Use photoshop and create a blurry effect there or Ren712 blur_box script, I'm not sure about the last one
  7. You probably need a full url there not just a video.html
  8. FuriouZ


    You need to use images for that. DxDrawImage
  9. Maybe show some of your mappings? Then we can start talking
  10. Too lazy to go to the game.. 1) Select "bridges..." gategory and search something like "cs_", you should find it. 2) Search "nbbal" and you should find it.
  11. Well, If i complie, they can still use them...They just can't edit it.
  12. Hello! I wan't to make a script which applies EngineSetModelLODDistance for all mapped objects in .map file. Here's the question, how I can get all mapped objects from .map file? So i can apply a custom LOD Distance? It should be possible.. I don't wan't to convert .map files to lua, because people can steal them then. Example map:
  13. It is called LOD. There's a lot problems with this and as long as i know, no-one haven't solved this..
  14. This is what I saw, don't know if it works.. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=6592
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